the lightbulb

14 Nov

So I got my 6th tattoo last night.  WOOT! 😀  Here’s a pic.  Keep in mind though, this pic was taken like, a half hour after I got the tat, so I hadn’t been able to wash it yet or anything.  It was too soon.  (and yes, that red smear is the requisite blood)  It’s on my right leg, below the knee, to the left a bit.  13 is my lucky number, and Friday the 13th is my favorite day.  So, the tat totally fits!  😀 and it’s just way cute.


Anyway.  In a bit I’m going to get my hair permed 😀 I can’t wait!  I’ve been wanting curly hair for a while now.  My hair does curl a bit if I let it air dry after showering and don’t brush it.  In a normal week I may brush my hair once.  *laughs* You’d be surprised how good it makes my hair look! And, for whatever reason, it doesn’t tangle.  Woot! 😀

So, over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to be a semi-fair hand at Adobe Photoshop.  I make my own banners and such.  I’ve also enjoyed making youtube videos.  So.  I have also developed an interest in video editing.  So.  That’s my next project for learning.  Video Editing.  😀  I really enjoy photography (erotic and nature) so hopefully on Black Friday I’ll be able to get a decent digital camera so I can start recording videos on it, instead of always with my damn webcam.  And also, to start taking photos again 😀 I’m also looking at getting an audio recorder.  If so, maybe I’ll put up some clips of my voice or something 😀

The whole light bulb comment was me realizing, yesterday at work, (Of course it was yesterday!! 😀 Friday the 13th and all) the importance of my name.  Jessica Elizabeth is not my legal name, however it has incredible sentimental value.  It’s what I should have been named in the first place.  Now.  My legal name kicks ass, so I’m not complaining.  But, long ago I decided to use Jessica Elizabeth as my pen name.  So.  These past few years I’ve gone through a crazy lot of user names online.  Why didn’t I think to just use my damn pen name??? *laughs* No idea.  But, could be ‘cuz I’ve gone through a lot, to say the least and some of the things I’ve done have been questionable.  *naughty chuckle*

So anyway.  I’m past all of that.  And thus, here I am!  JessieBeth 😀 *puts out hand* nice to meetcha 🙂

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