Going back to school :D

21 Nov

Yay!  So, I have decided to re-apply to my old university to finish my undergrad degree, and I’ve actually decided I think I want to go to graduate school.  O_O Holy shit!! I think I will continue my previous education in cultural anthropology, since I’ve got almost 5 years in it.  After that, .. well.  What I want to do is criminal behavioral analysis with a focus in linguistics.  Think handwriting analysis, phraseology, and also things like reading body language, and stuff.  I’m so fucking excited!  And it feels so right!  Thinking about it, not only do I get excited, happy and stuff but I feel stress lifting from me.  Probably ‘cuz I have a true direction now, rather than aimless wandering.  Granted though, I know I will have a ton of stress once classes start! LOL So yea.  Wish me luck getting re-accepted..and also getting student loans!! O_O

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Posted by on November 21, 2009 in about the jessie beth


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