a quick updatey

20 Dec

Sorry I haven’t been updating like I usually do.  I’ve been … otherwise occupied! LOL I honestly don’t have all that much to talk about right now.  I’m waiting for a maintenance man to come take care of a backed up sink ‘cuz the clog is like, in the piping in the walls… ugh… it was fucking CORN.  The person next door put a ton of corn down the drain…and so yea.  I pull apart the piping…the water sprays all the fuck over..along with a TON of fucking CORN… ugh… that was NASTY.  We’re still finding corn everywhere.

My new relationship is going awesome.  We have not set a like..title to what we are/have.  Which is fine.  We spend every night together.  Basically, if we’re not working we’re together.  It’s awesome!  We have a pattern set now where it’s every other night at the other’s house.  So last night was at my house, tonight is his apartment.  Tomorrow is my house again.  That way it’s equal, we can still care for our stuff, be in our own place, care for our animals, etc.

I have never, ever, been so sexually attracted to someone.  Ever.  He has made comments as well that the sex has never been so good, nor his orgasms so powerful.  And while a lot of men will say stuff like that, you can tell sometimes.  In their face, body language, vocalizations, etc that they’re surprised at the power of the orgasm and such.  I’ve seen that in him.  And dayam it feels good to know I was the one to give it to him!!! 😀 teehee

So, we are doing something.  We’ve got a set of note cards.  What we’re doing is on each note card we’re putting a sexual thing.  Position, kink, place, etc and then we can just pick one and have a random thing to do.  To spice it up, add variety, etc.  And.  We are taking suggestions!!!  So, if you have any suggestion, please leave it as a comment.  You have my word that I will blog about how it went!! 😀

So that’s about it for now.  I will defiantly try to post more often.  I have reliable internet at his apartment so that’s awesome!! 😀 Anyway, I hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday season.

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