the joys of ice….

24 Dec

So as I’ve mentioned, me and D have made some notecards with different suggestions of what to do sexually.  We put them in a pile face down and randomly pick one.  We each get 1 veto, then we do what’s on the card.  Today, @the_sub_mission suggested we play with ice.  We do in face have an ice card, and just 2 nights ago we indeed played with ice!!

So.  We were at my place and D wanted to play with what I call the fire lube.  It’s a warming lube, …well…it’s a hottening lube LOL It gets VERY VERY warm!!  If nothing else, I could describe it as a combination of tingling and warming.  I sort of have a requirement that if we play with that lube, we also need to play with something cold.  The first time we used it, we didn’t know it was that hot, and I ended up putting a bottle of liquor that had been in the freezer up against my pussy LOL

So.  Knowing we’d want to play with the fire lube again, we got a bag of ice to keep on hand.  Which D was kind enough to have a cup full of prior to using the fire lube on me.  So, after having me strip and get comfy D gets the lube and proceeds to put some on me, being kind enough to focus all nicely around my clit.  As the lube begins to react with my body heat and fire up, he grabs a cube of ice.

As I start breathing heavier and squirming around D starts to rub the ice along the outside of my pussy lips.  Now.  I have very thick pussy lips so he slips the ice between my lips and starts rubbing it against my clit.  Now is when I really begin to squirm.  I suddenly am quite unable to pay attention to much anything outside my pussy.

By now I’m panting and squirming all over, squeezing on D’s bicep.  He is a boob man, so the ice suddenly finds it’s way to my nipples as one of his fingers slides into my cunt.  (Yes, I just used the word cunt.  I LOVE IT!) Moaning more and slowly working my way to orgasm D slides the ice over my belly and down my legs.  He flicks his fingers inside my cunt so they’re flicking over my g-spot.  He brings the ice back up to my stomach and suddenly it melts way faster!  He laughs and tells me my body temperature has risen a few degrees as he rubs the ice over my nipples again.  I believe I replied with something to the affect of “mmnnggthh”.

Eventually we finish off the ice and I push D onto his back and mount him.  As I slide his cock inside of me he takes a nipple inside his mouth.  This was when we remembered he’d put some of the fire lube on my nipples.  (Don’t know why, but it didn’t react there.)  We learned the fire lube has a minty taste to it lol

So anyway, I start moving, sliding D’s thick uncut cock in and out of me while I reach back and take his balls into my hand.  Needless to say, the night ended well!!


I apologize that’s not written with the flair I usually have.  But, I am on my way out the door to go pick D up from work, and my stomach is a little upset.  We are still taking suggestions for the cards, and if you give us one, we will do it (provided we’re able to) and there will be a similar post to this one written about it, with credit given where it’s due!! (unless you request anonymity) … and it will be written better!!

I hope you all have a fun time as I did that night!! 😀

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