it’s xmas time

25 Dec

And I don’t celebrate.  Neither does D, so it’s all good 🙂 At his place right now chilling a bit, then we’re going to spend a couple days at mine, since we’ve spent so much at his lately.  We are expecting a blizzard so I’ve stocked up on necessities… food and toilet paper pretty much LOL

D’s come down with a bug so that sucks, but at least we have a few days off so he can rest up and get better.  Poor guy can’t breathe 😦

I got out of work uber early today, so that was pretty cool.  I didn’t work Tuesday either, so next week’s paycheck is gonna hhuuuurrttt..but sometimes you just gotta do it.  Take the mental health time, get errands done and such.  Me? I did car maintenance LOL I have an older car that needs to last me quite some time, so I make sure to take good care of her 🙂 I LOVE my car!

Nothing much else going on.  Was going to go to my parents tomorrow for our gift exchange and requisite “christmas dinner” of lasagna 😛 … oh wait, this year it’s sloppy joes..mmm…i love my mom’s sloppy joes…but due to the weather situation it’s been postponed until next weekend .  I’m looking forward to a full, uninterrupted day with D 🙂 It will be nice to wake up, and not have to worry about not falling back asleep.  If we do, oh well! 😀 More cuddle time!! 😀

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