snow and more snow and more snow…..

26 Dec

So we have had so much fucking snow these past few days..good LORD! O_O  i mean…i realize that with where i live it sort of comes with the territory but… UGH!  It’s like you can’t look anywhere outside without getting blinded by all the damn white stuff…and there’s more coming down right now!!!

Haven’t done too much the past couple days.  Me and D have pretty much been snowed in since Thursday night.  Yesterday (yes on Christmas Day) we needed to find something open but nnooo! We couldn’t even find a gas station open!  Which prolly was as much to due with the weather than anything else.  Eventually we found two restaurants open.  An expensive Japanese/sushi place and one fo those 24 hour family-style places.  Mind you it took us 2 hours to find them.  So, we stopped at the family style place, had some yummy sandwiches and I was finally able to totally creep D out!  *laughs* I had some apple pie with cheddar cheese on it.  And yes.  It’s WWAAYY yummy.  The cheese doesn’t have much flavor against the apple pie, but it takes away just enough of the sweetness so it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet as it can be sometimes.

So now we’re doing laundry and we have a roast cooking up in some dark beer.  Yum…gonna have that with salad and a glass of wine for supper later.  D’s playing a video game and I’m just dinkin’ around online.  Nice to just chill for a bit and do whatever without feeling that obligation to entertain the other person.

I think we’re gonna go frolicking later (what we call swimming ‘cuz D can’t swim, so we just goof off.)  I love his place! It has the swimming pool, a weight room AND sauna.  I so want to move in!! LOL  Though we each have 2 cats, so if we do move in together (which we both acknowledge as a possibility) that’ll be interesting to maneuver LOL

Anyway, that’s about it for now 🙂 I think I’m gonna have D choose a card tonight, so maybe I’ll make a story of it later 😉

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