moving in together

29 Dec

I wanted to write this last night, but D made this incredible hot chocolate liquor drink and I drank mine too fast and ended up incredibly buzzed..*laughs* Plus incredibly horny after reliving the previous I had to weasel myself into a good fuck..and a good fuck I got!  I didn’t have jello legs..I had jello body!! Which was really sweet ‘cuz I was half passed out and D was sweet enough to clean me up a bit..:)

So.  I have applied to move into D’s apartment with him.  Now, I love where I live right would be nice to split the bills, ya know? Plus, we spend every night together and the way it is right now we do an every other night thing.  Which works, but logistically and financially it would be easier to consolidate.  So…hopefully I get approved!  I actually almost moved into this building once before, and thus was already approved.  Hopefully they still have me on file.  If so, I’m moving this weekend… O_O

Am nervous and excited.  Excited ‘cuz it would be so nice to have everything all in one place, and we have so much the same philosophy on daily life stuff and all that … plus due to our pasts neither of us has any desire to get married or anything, so there’s not that stress added in there. (Now, we don’t have anything against marriage for’s just not right for us)

Aside from that..his apartment has not only a pool, but a dry sauna and a weight room! 😀 So, we fully plan on setting in place an exercise routine.  He wants to bulk up a bit, and I want to de-bulk a bit more.  So having that right here on property with no added fees would/will be nice.  And, the nice thing is his place is within a 10-15 minute walk of my work.  So when the weather’s nice that will be some good exercise, fresh air, and save on gas and wear and tear on my car! 😀

So, if you follow my Twitter you’d notice that I was excited yesterday about buying a new storage container for my sex toys.  Well, it was big enough I was finally able to put all of them in one place..and now it’s full again.  *eye roll* lol so here’s a couple pics of it, it actually works very well..but once again..I need a bigger one!! *laughs*  And now that I’ve thought of it, there’s 3 dildos not even in this one! So I’m still overflowing LOL

It’s actually a craft storage thingy from WalMart.  I like using those types of things for stuff like sex toy storage ‘cuz of all the different sized pockets and such.  It works for now 🙂 and has a nice handle for carrying it.  In the end however, I fully intend on investing in a ForYourNymphmania product or two for my sex toy storage.

So.  One final thing before I crawl back in bed with D and try to get a few more winks of sleep before we have to get up for work.  I’d say it was…2 or 3 days ago we were getting ready to go someplace.  Have no idea where, when he grabs an old necklace of his (Well, chain is more like it) and puts it around y neck saying it looks better on me and I can wear it.  It’s too long for it to look any kind of good on him.

So yea.  Wow! 😀 i love wearing it, though it’s not my normal style.  Makes me feel good to wear it, as it was a gift.  The little subbie-poo in me likes to think it’s a collar though it’s totally not as our relationship is egalitarian and not D/s.  But, that’s alright 😉 We “switch” sometimes so yea teehee 😉 it’s all good!!  Well, hope you all have a good day! I’m crawling back in bed with my naked man…


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2 responses to “moving in together

  1. Shii

    December 29, 2009 at 11:48 PM

    awww, congrats! You’re living in the moment, and that is the best way in my opinion 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      December 30, 2009 at 8:16 PM

      Thanks!! :D:D:D


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