updates and a rant

30 Dec

So I got out of work early today..way early.  Ended up going around the whole city trying to find my post office.  Turned out it was some back woods piece of crap thingy without even a customer service desk. I had to call twice and use my fucking gps to find it.  Ugh… the city hasn’t been doing a good job of keeping care of the streets and for some reason in front of my house is the only place on the whole street that has a whole pile of snow in front of the mail box. >.<

Anyway!!  So, got word from D’s landlords today.  I can move in as soon as I take care of some fees and crap I owe my current landlady.  If me and D pool our resources I can move in this weekend.  That’s what I’m shooting for ‘cuz I really really wanna move in with D.  Otherwise it’ll be the 3rd weekend in January when I can move in and it’ll cost me a whole ‘nother half month’s worth of rent.  *sigsh* I really hope D’s up for pooling the resources.

I kinda have more I wanna talk about, but I’m pretty brain dead today.  We need to shovel a path in the snow from the patio to parking lot for when we move, plus we need to drag D’s dead motor-scooter into the spare bedroom ‘cuz they’re cleaning out the lot either tomorrow or Friday.  Don’t remember what day.

Have a whole bunch of stuff I’m deciding to get rid of.  More stuff that is LOL We’re talking about how to arrange stuff, finances, etc.  I’m so happy and excited!! 😀

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