happy new year

02 Jan

(Warning…this gets a bit long lol)

Well, Happy New Year!  Okay, now that I got that out.. LOL We decided that instead of switching back and forth every night for the last few to bring my cats over and have them start integrating while it’s the weekend and noise isn’t as much of a factor and we’ll be home much more than during the week when we work.

Well..we each have 2 cats.  We each have 1 submissive male and 1 dominant female.’s been interesting.  My male is very nonchalant and is just all “whatever guys, get the fuck over yourselves!!” D’s female is all “This is my yard bitches!!” His male is freaking out hiding under the klick klack..and my female is beside herself.  So… it’s been interesting.  It’s very strange ‘cuz we’ve figured out that if my male wanted to, he could totally dominate all 3 of them, but he just doesn’t care enough *laughs*

So last night before we got my cats we were going to go to the mall so D could get his lip pierced.  Well, ‘cuz it was new years day the mall was closed.  *sigh* So, he’s gotta wait until everything opens today.  Poor baby… I’m wanting to get pierced again too, just don’t know what or where.  We can’t afford for me to get done again anyway.  The place we’re going has a 2 for 1 deal, but of course ya gotta pay for the jewelry too lol  So I’ll wait for another.

We did however take advantage of Wal-Mart’s $5 dvd bin and picked up 4 new dvd’s.  Though a couple of them were like, multi-packs with several movies in 1 case, so we got about 6o movies for $20. So that’s not so bad.  We also had brought over this media type shelf I have, so D went through most of his dvd’s and we’ve got a fair sized pile to go sell today.  Maybe with what we get for selling them (and I’m selling a few of mine that have outlived their re-watchfull-ness) we can go out to eat, or get another piercing or something.  We’ll see.

We’re also going to go look for a new bed today.  Due to us both having poor credit we’re prolly going to go to this local rent-to-own place.  D has gone through them before and has established a good credit rating with them, so we can get a good deal with them.  In the end, that first payment would prolly be where the dvd money goes.  While my bed was very good at one time, those operative words there are “was very good at one time.” LOL The frame is really good, but the mattress has a huge dip in the middle and slopes no matter what you do.  I can flip it every couple of months, but after a while that doesn’t do much good.  We both have bad backs (I have misaligned vertebrae and hips and D has a spinal injury from a car accident) so we need to really ensure we take care of our backs.

It’s strange now.  We’re starting the whole “Us/we” stuff, and really now have joint finances.  Like, everything coming out of the same pot, type stuff.  We make comparable amounts of money (well, technically I make more, but I also have insurance and 401k, so my take home is not much more than his.) so there’s no worry of 1 of us paying more than another.  It’s all “the same pot” now.  We ensure that both of us have our needs taken care of (eg – tampons, eye drops, contact solution, lotion, etc) and that we also each get a little of something we want.  Like I was craving pizza last night, so D agreed that so long as we ensured that it was worth it (we got one of those family deals so we have plenty of left overs) it was okay for us to order.  So we did 🙂 And damn did it taste good too! 🙂

I love the way things are.  Due to our pasts we’re both crazy about fair-ness.  So, with going out to eat, we do every other time.  The first time he paid and chose the restaurant, the second I did.  Now it’s his turn again.  Also, we do something similar with movies, this turn is mine to pick, D’s to pay.  We do similar things with what to watch at home, and also even down to sexual position.  If we’re fooling around and ready to actually have sex, we alternate whom chooses the notecard if we’re playing that game, or who chooses the position.  This way, we are ensuring neither one of us is feeling forced or anything like that.

We’re gonna bring over more of my stuff today.  I’d like to bring my betta, and prolly a bookshelf and some more kitchen stuff.  We both like interior decorating so it’s funny ‘cuz you’ll randomly see one of us looking around with a glazed look as we picture a way or two we can organize things.  We’ve decided where to put the bed, and that we’re keeping the tv in the bedroom that’s already here.  Mine’ll go in the living room.  Books will go in the living room, dvd’s in the bedroom.

We’ve also decided that starting tomorrow night, every Sunday around 7pm we’re gonna start working out 🙂 We’re both pretty excited about that.  Anyway, I think that’s enough for now.  😀 Hope you all are warmer than me today! I think I’m gonna go curl up with D for a bit.

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