2009 in review…

03 Jan

So I thought I’d do a little review of my 2009 year… Started shitty.  Got worse.  And now kicks ass! 😀

  • I get injured at work, and in the end it takes me 7 months to get approval for my time off at work.  Almost lost my job over it in the end.  Ended up having to go to my physician to write a note to my job saying that yes, having a spinal injury will cause me to miss work.
  • I got inked.  Went from 3 tattoos to 6 tattoos.
  • I also got pierced.
  • I lost 35 pounds of fat.
  • I started reviewing sex toys and am loving it!!
  • The middle of the year saw me in quite a depression, doing nothing, not going anywhere, etc. Was perhaps my “rock bottom.”
  • My mom bought me a car (Yay!!)
  • I moved 3 times.  (I hate moving but it seems to happen with such frequency… LOL)
  • I discovered that I have an incredible submissive nature, but that I am strong enough to control it in a positive way.
  • I got myself an incredible boyfriend in a real, face to face relationship and things are going so well we are moving in together.

All in all, this year I discovered myself.  I discovered sides of myself I never would have dared thought were there, as well as got rid of some bad habits.  I found my true strengths, and am beginning to admit to my weaknesses.  I found the strength to enter into face-to-face relationship again and am happier than I think I have ever been.

I am the type that firmly believes that everything that happens happens for a reason.  I am to a point in my life now where I’m not having to “try” to be me.  I don’t have to work at being who I am, I just am.  This probably is my biggest accomplishment for this year.

As for New Years Resolutions, I’ve never done them.  This year however, I have started the Day Zero Project.  If you do to my Day Zero page you can see my list (as of this writing it’s not complete yet LOL). I actually strongly suggest doing the Day Zero Project.  Currently the website is down (i think their server blew or something) but keep trying!!

Anyway, here’s to an excellent 2010!!!!


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