cats, piercings and pissy-ness

03 Jan

So, today started out awesome.  Me and D went and did our first official shopping trip together.  We spent more than we should have, but less than we thought it would be.  So nothing wrong there.  He made this awesome white chicken chili that we ate by dipping in tortilla chips.  Muy yummy!!  Tomorrow I’m going to make him this good casserole I make.

After that we went to the mall and he finally got his lip pierced.  He basically let me choose the ring that went in.  D is mulatto (half black half white) so he’s got like a…well, I call it mocha-cino color.  So, I choose a dark blue ring for him.  And it looks awesome!!  We really can’t kiss right now, just a peck here and there, which is a bummer ‘cuz kissing is my favorite thing to do (on our lips that is lol, I am so making up for it by kissing in lots of other places.. 😉 )  It’s dead center in his bottom lip.  And he’s happy, and that’s what matters.  It took me a little bit to get used to it, and now I am used to it.  And I really like it, it fits him well.  I think I’ve also made the final decision that my next piercing will be an industrial . I’m excited, but am going to wait a bit.

The cats are adjusting better than we ever could have expected, but of course not as quickly as we’d like lol.  Well, basically my female is being the antagonist, so it will take a little longer than it really should, considering how well the others are adjusting.  But, there’s 3 of them in the room I’m in currently, and they’re just chillin’, so it’s all good.  The apartment is pretty open, and we’ve started keeping the bathroom doors open as well, to give them that much more room to roam.  We’re thinking that it’s helping actually, as silly as that sounds.

So anyway, after we got D pierced, we went up to my place and got a car load of stuff, and then stopped by a place and sold some dvd’s we no longer watch.  We got a lot more money than we’d anticipated so that’s awesome! As well as the joy of cleaning out, which we both do like to do a couple times a year.  After that we went to the place we wanted to get a new bed from.  And we found one we really liked.  We also discovered the whole matching bedroom set was on sale.  After a little thinking we decided to go for it and got the queen sized bed with headboard, 2 nightstands and a dresser with a mirror on it.  It’s a larger payment than we were planning for, but we literally have no bedroom furniture.  So, we signed the papers, made the first payment and set up the appointment for everything to be delivered at 3pm.

So, we grabbed some Burger King for lunch and headed home.  We pouted a bit because it’s pushing back a couple days my official move in, but that’s no matter.  So we come home, ate and clean up the bedroom.  We got our clothes in the closet, put away the sex toys and got the klick klack (which for future reference I call the click it) into the living room.

3:30pm rolls around and we finally get the call.  The delivery truck broke down in this little podunk town and they can’t deliver until Monday.  >.<  Pissed off me and D that’s for sure!!!  The guy said he’ll be giving us a discount but still!!  We were looking forward to a real bed again!  I *do* have one at my place, but it’s so old and it droops in the middle and it’s off center and that’s worse for our backs than the click it is.  D has a spinal injury from a car accident when he was a child and I have misaligned vertebrae and hips.  So we *need* the new bed.  It’s only 2 more days but still! *stomps paw and pouts*  We’re looking forward to having a dresser!

Past that and aside from some damn good sex about the only other note worth thing today is that we put up some weather plastic on the bedroom windows.  It’s fucking cold here and so I have to keep my car plugged in.  (for the non-cold people we have block heaters on our car, to keep the fluids warm.  otherwise they can freeze, and yes.  I’ve had that happen.  When the air temp is -30F, it’s fucking cold!) Anyway, so we had to string the extension cord through the window in the spare bedroom.  So, we got that gap stuffed with a beat up old sheet and got the plastic up.  We noticed a difference in temperature almost immediately.

Just a little while ago we put up the plastic in our bedroom window.  It’s really sad.  The window is fully closed, both the inside and outside panes.  And there is so much draft through I had to push the plastic towards the window to close the blinds because of how much air is coming through. It’s no wonder it’s so cold in here! (yea, the apartment building is a bit old lol) Because we had so much else we were doing with our money we didn’t get the plastic you can shrink wrap.  We honestly went totally ghetto and duct taped it LOL but, it’s working!!  We’re already noticing a difference in the bedroom too.  So, that’ll be nice for when we have our nice bed.

That’s about it… because of the cold and my fibromyalgia I’m way stiff and think I’m gonna lay down…I wanted to stay up later but I woke up at 6am today and with how busy we were and the excitement and subsequent disappointment I’m a bit wore out… and yes.   We’re sleeping on the click it in the fucking living room…*sighs*

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