snow and cold and snow and cold

07 Jan

Ugh…so ya.  As I’m sure y’all have fingered out, I live in the upper midwest.  (And that’s all y’all are fingering out too!! lol )  AANnnddd, of course it’s fucking snowing and blowing and our windchill will be ridiculous tonight.   *sighs* That’s what we get for living up here.  Me and D actually have tossed around the idea of moving out west when the time is right.  (So in a few years.)

So, nothing too exciting is going on right now now that the furniture is here.  For me, being female, it’s my period time.  Well, it has been for 2 weeks.  Normally my period is short and heavy, which I like.  But, as last month was my first time on birth control again, my body was trying to have my period on it’s normal time, but of course the pills wouldn’t let it.  Now I’m finally actually menstruating!  So, it’ll be nice to be on a regular schedule again.

As if that wasn’t bad enough (and totally tmi for y’all out there..teehee it’s my blog dammit!! 😉 ) today I’m having a wonderful fibromyalgia flair, so I’m way totally stiff and in pain.  *sighs* I had wanted to swim tonight with D but that would be a horrible idea.  Plus, he had a pretty stressful day at work today himself, so he’s also just in a mood to putz and have a relaxing evening.  So that’s what we’re doing.

I’m really enjoying my Day Zero Project.  Not sure why, but it seems to be working.  So, let’s see if it keeps working lol 🙂

The cats are doing awesome also!  Every now and again we’ll have a spat, but that’s to be expected.  They’ve integrated very well!!

Me and D are bringing a carload of my stuff to his place about every day.  We will skip one here and there, like we’re not tonight, but I’m glad we are ‘cuz it’s just gonna make it easier in the end.  We’ve got a truck to bring all my furniture and shit over on Saturday.  It’s nice ‘cuz he’s just using a work truck, so we don’t have to spend money to rent one.

I’m so happy about this move.  I’m just so happy in general!!  Part of me is scared ‘cuz my anxiety is just waiting for something to come out the closet and rip this happiness away from me…but … well.  Who knows whats going to happen in life.  *shrugs* I’m just going to take life one day at a time, and be fucking thankful to the gods that I have D!

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