Well, am not fully moved

10 Jan

So, even though D has agreed to put a retainer in his piercing, after having his job threatened, and well before it’s healed, they didn’t leave the keys for the truck.  (And also, they are giving him until Wednesday.  2 days before payday.  They will not give him the 2 more days so he can get paid.  *sighs* No big deal ‘cuz I can pay for it..but that’s not the point.  😦 )And who knows, could have been an oversight by the person using it before, but we didn’t get me all the way moved today.  😦 But that’s alright, because of the finances I technically am not supposed to officially move until next weekend anyway, so it’s probably best.  To avoid the chance of us getting caught.  So, it’s another week of car loads every night or two.

Woke up to some good sex this morning 🙂 but both me and D are pretty sore.  LOL I wanted more tonight, but he wasn’t in the mood (odd I know, but most definitely his right!!) so I fucked myself while he watched and here I am.  Watched another James Bond movie, “The Living Daylight” with Timothy Dalton.  He’s quite a good actor, and also quite classically handsome, however he’s just way too intense for James Bond.

The cats are getting along well still 🙂 My female and D’s male are still working out their pecking order, but his male is just too damn lazy to bitch slap my female, and she’s just too damn stubborn to back down.  LOL Cats.

Our fucking bed broke today >.< This was after they were 2 days late delivering it also.  So, we’ve got it on the fucking floor, inside the frame.  Originally we had thought it was just 1 screw that broke, but it turns out all the screws but one holding up one whole side of the frame broke.  *sighs* So now we have to wait until Monday for them to fix it.  One screw we could have handled, but they are all in pieces!  So, we’re gonna see how we like it on the floor.  Either way, we are calling them on Monday and demanding some sort of reparations.  Like a month’s payment off or something.

So, our bathtub is porcelain, right.  Which means it’s fucking slippery!!  Just this week, D has almost fallen 3 times.  So, I put my foot down and we got some sticky things for the tub 🙂  Major lack of choices,’s what we got lol

*laughs* It’s way not our style, but it works!!  🙂 It was that, or frogs or baseballs… >.> Like I said. No choices.  And you’d be surprised how hard they were to find!!! We went in both the bathroom and plumbing sections..and ended up finding them on an end-cap in the kitchen section <.< yea.  Go figure.

Well, that’s about it for today.  Hope you all are having a good weekend!!  I know I wish I had gotten moved in today, but with as cold as it is, I’m kinda glad we’re waiting another week.  OOhhh…one more fucking piece of drama.

So, D’s apartment is not letting us have the cord to plug in the car through the window anymore..we have to rent a spot to plug it in.  Except they’re all already are the garages.  Ssosooo… the fuck to we plug the car in then????  Thankfully it’s starting to warm up..and we both are fully able to walk to work, but that’s not the point >.< Fucking drama!!  I hate drama!!!

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