ugh-ness day

14 Jan

So I woke up early this morning ‘cuz my back hurt like a mother fucker.  And not just the “ohh I’m getting used to this new bed so fuck you” pain.  I mean I couldn’t get away from it! No matter what position I was in my entire back was killing me!!  So, I got up early, made some mac n cheese with hot dogs for breakfast (yes you heard right) and dinked on the laptop a bit.  About 10 minutes before I had to be to work I went to my car.  (it’s about a 3 minute drive.  Normally I try to walk, but with my back so fucked up I new it wasn’t the best idea.) And it doesn’t start. >.<

At all.  So, when I should have been punching in I set off on my walk to work, totally not prepared for a walk.  Plus, I had a dentist appointment today, so needless to say I was stressed.  So, on my break I called my mom and we talked.  She’d give me a ride if my car wouldn’t start once I get back to D’s after work.  (she doesn’t know I’m living with him yet. sometimes you need to manage the parents *eye roll*)  Well, after taking a wrong turn (I usually come home a different way) and having to walk through a bunch of knee deep snow I head to my car and try to start her.  And she fires right up. >.< yea, pissed.

So. Piece of shit car!!  I still have my mom’s blessing to get rid of her (she bought it for me without any prior talking about it.  I actually am much happier without a car.  So much less stress and expense!  Without my car I’d save at least $150 a month) just due to the stress and shit.  Seems once we get something fixed something else is going wrong.  But anyway, naturally my mom was telling my stepdad what’s wrong with it and all and he’s willing to pay me back if I get it fixed.  He thinks it’s the fuel filter.  I still want to get rid of it though.  So, I’m gonna talk to mom tomorrow.  Tell her I really do wanna get rid of it.

But I feel so bad… ‘cuz she just up and spent all that money on me!!  *sighs* I hate this conflict I get when it comes to my mom.  But, I’m not gonna get into that now.

So anyway, I made it to my dental appointment a little early, which just means I got it done with early.  Thank gods!  I *hate* the dentist!!! >.< Well, more than anything I hate the shots and the cleanings.  Which is most of it LOL It was weird today though.  My dentist is actually very nice, and is very good about my phobia with the Novocaine.  (and it’s just that.  shots and needles and all I’m cool with.  The Novocaine just fucking hurts.  The assistant actually gave me a tissue today LOL) anyway, they were talking about men wearing pink.  Yep.  Men wearing pink.  While giving me fillings *laughs*

So I came home from that and D was frisky so I pulled him into the bedroom and proceeded to fuck him.  🙂 I love having his cum in me!!! 😀  I’d been craving Chinese food all day and he wanted to sell some dvd’s so we did that and he gave me the money.  We went to my favorite Chinese buffet, he’d never been there, and had some lunch after selling the movies.  Then we went to my house and fed my fish (one last fish tank there, we haven’t brought it home yet ‘cuz the table it goes on doesn’t fit in my car) and grabbed one load each of stuff.  A small bookcase and some final dirty dishes that were left there.

Hit the library after that.  Returned a few things, grabbed some more dvds (watched Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me tonight 🙂 ) and ‘cuz D’s been so cooped up lately he wanted to hit the library on the north side of town.  The one we normally go to is the main one, but there’s at least 2 other satellite stations and they each have a different catalog.  So, we went to the north one and grabbed a few more dvd’s and a couple more books.  So, we’re so totally set for the next few days LOL

After Austin Powers I ended up demanding a little more sexual attention *laughs* At the end of the earlier session I was still wwaaayyyy randy.  We had actually wanted to go swimming but there were a bunch of people int he pool so we decided not to.  So anyway, I pulled D in the bedroom with the idea that we’d just fuck me with a toy or two.  ‘Cuz of the stress he’s been having a bit of a hard time keeping an erection ’till orgasm so he didn’t think he’d be able to perform for a second time tonight.  Well, after getting me off with one of my toys he was rock hard so he told me to get on my hands and knees.

He proceeded to fuck the shit out of me! 🙂 So, once again I have his yummy cum inside of me and I’m totally basking in after glow.  Not sure what the plan is for the rest of the night.  He’s reading one of the books we picked up at the library and I’m just writing this and dinking around on the net.  Gonna catch up on blogs I think and update my Day Zero Project.

Pleasant nightmares all!!!

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