stress, fire lube, james bond and blindfolding

16 Jan

So yesterday started off with me having to convince my car to start.  If I wouldn’t have revved her she wouldn’t have started.  Of course upon a re-try I would have gotten her started but still.  I am so tired of the stress with a car.  I didn’t even want one in the first place, but my mom just up and bought one for me about a year ago, without even consulting me.  So it was just foisted upon me.  The car, the expenses and stress that came with it.

So I called my mom yesterday and told her I still wanted to get rid of it and she (after Thursday being cool about it) she made this big deal about us all needing to talk about it face to face.  I’m so tired of being forced into decisions I don’t want, that don’t work for me, based up on my mother’s coping abilities.  *sighs*

I actually have a friend who’s interested in my car.  I messaged him on Facebook yesterday to see what he’d be willing to pay for it.

So anyway, I got pretty worked up yesterday, as D was.  His job didn’t send him *any* paycheck.  Which is illegal I believe.  Plus, he still was able to access their payroll website, and when he checked it there wasn’t anything showing he’d worked the last 2 weeks of the pay period.  Which means they didn’t pay taxes on his hours worked.  Which *is* illegal.  So, he’s double checking with a legal reference he’s familiar with.

So D and I had decided to have an all night James Bond-athon.  After I got home from work we returned a few things to one of the library satellites and hit wal mart for a few necessities.  Seems like no matter how little you buy, you still end up spending a ridiculous amount of money there.  *sighs*

So we made some garlic bread pizza and I made some of this chili dip stuff I love.  We watched Live and Let Die (which was uber campy, but still very good.  They overused the song Live and Let Die though.  a Lot.) After that, we ended up playing the note card game 🙂

It took a few draws before we found one that we could do (per location, what we had available in the house, etc.) It ended up with me being blindfolded 🙂 The one other experience I’d had being blindfolded was not a good one (it was consensual) but this one was amazing!  D tickled me with this fuzzy cat toy we have, used ice on me, lotion and ended up using the fire lube as well.  (I really want to blindfold him, but he is very much in need of having some control of what’s going on, even if he’s tied up and being able to see does that for him.  So it will take some convincing, but I think I can talk him into at least trying.  I remind him whenever I bring it up that the blindfold can come of the second it needs to.)

Anyway, so especially with the power exchange, I was quite wet and hot for him!!  He used a toy a little bit on me, to get him all the way hard and then he proceeded to fuck me, bringing me to orgasm 4 times right in a row. I’d never had rolling orgasms like that before! It was amazing!!!  Then he said he wanted me on top, so I certainly was ready to oblige!  Now.  The fire lube, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the fire lube reacts to both air/oxygen and cum.  So.  When we switched positions it got much hotter!! O_O

So anyway, I mounted him and brought him to orgasm quite quickly.  With all the play we were both pretty worked up.  So as he cums in me, the fire lube starts “activating” again.  So, I jump off him and then the air hits it a second time!!!  By this time we’re both huffing and puffing and rolling in now we’re doing the “Ooooooo” thing ‘cuz our boy and girl parts are all throbbing not only from the orgasm(s) but the raging hot and tingling fire lube!!

Needless to say I ran into the bathroom and soon had the hand held shower head on a nice cool setting pointed straight up my cunt.  *giggles* After all that however, I was too relaxed and got tired.  Basically, if we have sex after 9pm, D pretty much fucks me to sleep.  So, we watched a couple episodes of Coupeling and went to bed.

So today the plan is probably to hit a library again, and also I need to pay off my previous landlord and somehow rent a van/truck to move the rest of my stuff.  My only fear is that she will mention if I owe anything for January.  I’ve been too busy saving up for the last bit that I owe her.  I’m going to directly deposit the money into her account, so I’m going to see if the bank can like, put her name on the receipt so I can prove to the new people that I’ve paid up.  Since D didn’t get paid today there’s no other money.

I’m going to be so happy to get the move done!  Once we get everything moved in we’re both excited to move shit around, get his stuff unpacked (he’s been living out of boxes for about 7 months now.)  Plus it will be nice to get my own set of keys here.

Well, I think I’m gonna update my day zero project stuff, add a picture or two to my 100 Snapshots challenge and then get on with the day.  And take some tums…. I have heartburn… >.<


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4 responses to “stress, fire lube, james bond and blindfolding

  1. woodynyou

    January 16, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    Sounds like a beautiful night. I enjoyed the image of James Bond and sex!

    • Jessie Beth

      January 16, 2010 at 10:08 PM

      Thanks! 😀

  2. Shii

    January 16, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    Aww, I think you’re being a little hard on your mom 🙂 She just might be a little sad that she bought you something to help you out, and you want to sell it. You could always give it back to her, so she doesn’t feel bad, and you don’t have to worry about fixing it.

    Ooh, Walmart is so evil for that reason! I *always* buy more than I originally planned to!

    And woohoo for James Bond movies! You’re doing great at Day Zero!

    • Jessie Beth

      January 17, 2010 at 10:43 AM

      Yea…I was a bit irritated and emotional when I wrote that. I know that my mom only wants the best for me. It’s just that after 28 years of the same …well, the same, it’s frustrating when the best is always whats best for her, not me. I’ve run out of ideas on how to help her understand that her and I are different people, and that what works for her doesn’t always work for me.


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