am all moved!!!…mostly lol

17 Jan

Am not really gonna go over the blah’s of yesterday, ‘cuz I haven’t the ambition LOL I will get to the good parts!!!  Which don’t start until evening LOL

So, around 6pm we left UHaul with the moving truck.  Oh wait wait!  Something funny did happen prior to that.  When I went to prove to the new landlords that I’d paid off the old one, it was just office help there.  So I’m like “this is the last I need to do, everything else is taken care of.  Can I move in now?”  To which she replies “Well, sure go ahead!! If they have a problem with it, just tell them you didn’t yet.  They’ll never know.” LMAO!!!

Anyway.  So, naturally it took longer to get everything into the truck then it did to unload it.  Since we’d been taking car loads not everything was pre-packed and all that.  We actually had plans to just not clean and all that, ‘cuz my old landlord had been so unreliable and things of that nature, but in the end common sense prevailed and we’re gonna have 3 more loads today with the car.  1 of just garbage to drop in a Dumpster I know of a few blocks away from the house.  The 2nd will be of left over stuff that I’m donating to a local charity.  The final load will be of the last few small items to take home.  Then we will spend a few minutes cleaning.  Just wiping up the mud on the tile floors, clean the toilet, counter tops things like that.  That’s all the cleaning I’m doing.  For 2 reasons.

1 – The place was trashed when I moved in.  I had to clean mess that wasn’t mine.  And 2 – there’s still shit there that isn’t mine!  From previous tenants.

So anyway.  We bring the truck home here and start unloading.  Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia.  So sometimes no matter how much my body really can do, sometimes, due to my body having a mind of it’s own, it will break down a bit.  What with all the stress lately, that’s what happened.

What really helped though is 2 things.  1 – Our apartment is on the 1st floor.  No stairs.  And 2 – my rockin hand-truck!! 😀 It’s the kind that you can switch to a 4 wheeler for really heavy stuff.  And that’s what we did.  We were able to make what would have been 4 loads of boxes into 1 load with the hand truck.  So, that really helped me last thru the night, which I think D could see.  He’s very observant like that.

So near the end we had only 1 “heavy” load left.  Not really heavy, but a 6 foot bookshelf.  So D was getting a hand truck load ready for me and I asked if he minded if we just did that one.  He said he preferred to leave it for last.  To which I explained the issue with my back.  I could do light stuff but wanted to get that shelf in ‘cuz it would take both of us, before I truly could *only* do the light stuff. So he said by all means, understanding ‘cuz he himself has a bad back.

Anyway, so a little while later there were probably 3 loads left each.  I had in one hand a couple like, wall hanging type things and I said to hand me a propane tank.  He says “no.  take this” and hands me a fan.   “Your back doesn’t need that.” 🙂 See, the reason that means so much to me is ‘cuz my ex husband would have just given me the full propane tank, no matter what I’d said about my back.  (I also didn’t realize that both propane tanks were full. I’d thought they were empty.) See, my ex husband wold have just assumed that, no matter what I’d said prior, somehow my back was better and could handle carrying a propane tank over uneven snow covered ground. D on the other hand listens to me, and also observes me.

So we’re on our last trip.  I have the center beam for my bed frame and an oscillating fan.  I decide to make the trip the shortest, which is straight over a pretty well packed trail of snow from the parking lot to our apartment.  Well, naturally this one time I decide to do this, I sink down into the snow.  Knee deep.  And get stuck.  *sighs* lol so D has to come get my 2 things I’m carrying so I can un-stuck myself.

I end up having to change ‘cuz my pants, socks and shoes were full of snow.  So after that we returned the u-haul, ran to walmart to grab some chow and came home.  As we’re washing the dishes after eating D starts groping me, sliding his hand up my leg and under my shorts.  Somehow, we ended up having some pretty good, while simple, sex LOL So we shower up, both of us pretty damn sweaty from moving and sex.

I went and laid down while D started unpacking some stuff.  He ended up rearranging and all that until4  am O_O  He didn’t realize it was that late until he looked at a clock LOL  We don’t have all that many clocks in the house.  Something he did last night though, has helped snap me into a “yes, this really is a long term relationship.” see, we have very similar tastes in books (and as a side note I must say it’s really nice to look at the bookshelves and see books of a similar taste to mine instead of something so very different, as it was with my ex husband…) but he actually took out the duplicates.  I don’t know why that “hit” me like it did, but it did.  🙂 The books still need a little organization so series are together and such, but at least they’re out of boxes, off the floor, and on the proper shelves.

D was also able to get a lot of his cd’s unpacked, so that’s nice for him 🙂 And I have my chair again!  Boy I tell ya.. I’m not sure who’s happier. My cats so they have their bed again, or my back LOL  Happily I’ve cleaned out a whole nother box of books to donate just from what’s unpacked now.  It is feeling so very good to clean out this old shit. A lot of stuff, while I do like it, I’ve been keeping around simply because I’ve had it for so long, or ‘cuz so-and-so gave it to me.

I am starting a whole new phase of my life.  Everything I’ve been through the last several months to a couple of years has been to lead me to where I am now, and that is a very good, a very healthy and a very happy place.  So why on earth I would keep all this shit from times before is beyond me.

Well, while I could write more, as I always could, I need to get D up 🙂


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4 responses to “am all moved!!!…mostly lol

  1. thepinkpoppet

    January 17, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    Finally back home and can actually read and comment again..thank goodness! Glad to hear things are working out well about the move and the relationship. Good for you both! Wishing you blessings of peace, safety, good health and success in your new place. Hugs. Poppet.

    • Jessie Beth

      January 17, 2010 at 12:17 PM

      Thanks babe *hugs* am glad to see you out and about the internet again. I’m very glad you made it home safe!!! 🙂

  2. redvinylkitty

    January 17, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    I’m glad things are finally moving along. 🙂 Hooray for getting mostly moved in. Oh, and I think the whole removing the duplicate books thing is cute.. We’ve done that for the most part, but there is just one duplicate book I can’t get rid of, for sentimental reasons. :))

    • Jessie Beth

      January 17, 2010 at 8:54 PM

      🙂 Yep. I’ve got a couple that I’m keeping for similar reasons. We actually ended up donating them to the local library, which I’m really happy about 😀


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