dooo dit doo dit…

20 Jan

Day’s over.  Went to the doctor today and I have an upper respiratory infection.  So yea.  That means it’s viral and they can’t do anything.  I ended up calling in sick to work again today.  With all the stress and everything, sometimes you just know when your body needs rest.  I’m wondering how I’ll feel in the morning.  Part of me wants a 3rd day off in a row…another knows that I need to go back to work.  Despite me having vacation days I can use lol.

Last night..well actually.  Monday night I’d tried to do my taxes online.  Well it wouldn’t go thru no matter what I’d do so I broke down and took my taxes to a real tax person.  UGH!  Ended up costing me a fucking fortune, but ahh well.  They’re done now, so I should have my tax return in about 10 days.  At least it’s done.

We ended up shaving D’s head today.  Now, for those of you new to reading this blog, D is mulatto.  His hair is perhaps the “blackest” thing about him LOL   It took us FOREVER to shave that hair off!!  I kinda miss his curls… *pouts* but it’ll grow back.  It’s nice ‘cuz I can really scratch his scalp now.  It’s one of the most sensitive parts of his body so it really goes through all of his skin.  *evil grin*

After that, we showered, to get him cleaned up.  We ended up eating then I got all hot and bothered and drug D to the bedroom for a little nookie.  He ended up fucking me with 2 of my favorite vibrators.  The only 2 I have from the Evolved line.  Though, I will get more dammit! *stomps paw* So I sucked him off a bit, loving how he was curling his toes.  😀

D ended up demanding that I get on my hands and knees and he ended up fucking the shit out of me.  I actually almost had to ask for a different position ‘cuz it was almost too much.  It’s almost an hour later and both of our legs are still all jello-ee LOL

I was supposed to go sign the lease today, but my old landlord is still fucking shit up for me.  When they called to make sure the payment had gone through, she made sure to say that I still owe money! *sighs* So naturally, I have to pay more money to her, and can’t sign the lease ’till that’s now paid. So I have to get up early Friday to hit both our banks, bring the receipt to the new landlords so they can run it through their system and get me finally approved.

It’ll be so nice for it all to be official.  Technically, I’m homeless as I’m not supposed to have moved my shit and myself in until the lease is signed.  My new landlord is all sympathetic, ‘cuz they can see how crazy my old landlord is.  As this new amount that I owe she never told them about in the first place.  The new landlord actually made sure to ask if I was aware of it, which I am and was.  It’s just a couple weeks of rent for January.  But since I can’t owe anything to an old landlord and the old landlord says I owe something, well the new place can’t approve me until it’s paid up. *sighs*

But whatever, I’m with D and that’s what matters.  😀

We’re supposed to be having a very bad winter storm this weekend, so we’re going to have to make sure to stock up on stuff for this weekend. We are out of almost everything food wise, including butter *laughs*

I’m officially putting my car up for sale.  I’ve made up my mind.  She wouldn’t start yesterday, again.  So I’m done with it.  Have a couple people who have expressed interest, so we’ll have to see.

D put in an application today, and sent off an email to the people he applied to last weekend.  He’d really like that one, so despite how far away it is, I really hope he gets it.  He enjoys walking, and he enjoys that kind work.  So I really hope that works out for him.  🙂

…. Otherwise it’s to McDonalds I’m pushing him this weekend.

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