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20 Jan

So I woke up this morning. It was one of those mornings where you know it’s about time to get up, but you try to convince yourself that you have a lot more time, and right as you get comfy again the alarm goes off. Ugh, that was this morning.

So, yesterday I had the forsight to try to get today off as a vacation day, knowing how bad my throat was.  (Having sex twice a day yesterday *and* today prolly didn’t help things tho.. lol) So when I got up the first thing I did was call my supervisor at work to see if the day was approved off.  And it was! WOOT! 🙂

So, I took more NyQuil and went back to bed.  Ended up sleeping ’till after 11am which was very nice.  So I had something to eat, watched about an hour of You Only Die Twice for my James Bond goal and almost fell asleep.  I tried to stay awake but D ended up turning the dvd off, grabbing a book and telling me to go to bed.  So I napped for a couple hours and got back up.

We finished the bond movie, I made an appointment to sign the lease for the apartment tomorrow on my lunch break (woot woot!) and we were going to go file my taxes and run to the library.  Well, my car wouldn’t’ start.  Again.  >.< *sighs* I could just feel my stress meter go up which is not good since I’m fighting..something.  So yea..

I downloaded the Beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 and I can’t wait to see how it is! 🙂 It looks really awesome.  It’ll be a challenge, ‘cuz there’ll be bugs and all that, ‘cuz it’s the Beta version, but it’s free! 😀  *laughs* So I’m going to have to take some time, this weekend prolly, to check out the report website and all that.  As that’s part of using Beta.

We also finished the disk we have of Coupeling.  That show is both incredibly funny and incredibly annoying lol.  An interesting combination.  After that we cooked up some noodles and made a spaghetti sauce so I have something to take for lunch tomorrow.  Something unexpected went thru my checking account so I’m a little more broke than I expected LOL It will be nice to have home cooked food at work though 🙂

So now it’s midnight, actually it’s after, the dishwasher is whooshing int he background, and I really need to go to bed.  I’m finishing off a cup of tea (both me and D are big tea drinkers.  We have a whole cupboard (both sides) devoted just for tea LOL And yes.  We use an old fashioned tea pot.  While it is quicker and uses less electricity to have one of those electric ones…there’s just something to say about hearing a tea pot whistle 🙂 ) and catching up on a couple more blogs.

Pleasant nightmares all!


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2 responses to “insert clever title here

  1. redvinylkitty

    January 20, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Mmmm, tea! 🙂 We have a rediculous collection of it too. I go through days where I’ll have like, 12 cups, and then won’t touch the stuff for a week. I hope you get better soonly. Sickness is no fun. 😦

    • Jessie Beth

      January 20, 2010 at 4:16 PM

      Yea, gods I’m so tired of being sick… Seems like the last couple years I’ve been sick about every 3 months. *pouty face*

      As for tea, my favorite type right now is Madagascar Red Vanilla. Yummm….*licks lips*


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