where to start lol

24 Jan

Been a busy couple of days lol I wanted to post last night, but D had been teasing me and denying me sex all day (in a positive, teasing way) and so last night I finally cornered him, stripped him, got him hard, slathered him with our favorite lube and promptly sat atop him and fucked him ’till I came! 😉

Anyway.  My wonderful car wouldn’t start yesterday, and we had stuff we wanted to do, so we ended up just walking to the mall to get out.  We live right behind our mall and one of the movie theatres.  I’d decided I wanted to see a movie, but upon seeing what was out we just decided to walk over to the mall and we walked around, noticing that no one else new was hiring 😦

So, I decided to take a pic of the slush we were walking through… It had snowed a bunch, but ‘cuz it was so warm it was all slushy.  Ugh…

Today we went out, and my car started thank goodness, but we had to wade through ankle deep slush to get to it.  >.>

Anyway, we ended up coming home and grabbing a gift certificate I had for Best Buy (as we also live within walking distance of Best Buy) and got Transformers with all the special features.  WOOT! 😀 D hasn’t seen it yet, so I’m excited for him to see it.

Last night D then asked that we play some Scrabble! 🙂 That was really surprising as when we played board games Friday night I thought it was just to humor me.  Which, I guess it started as that, but then he was surprised by how much he enjoyed it.  We only played one game as I ended up getting a nasty headache.  Then I discovered that I really wanted to play a simulation game which lead to me purchasing Sim City 4 box set today.  I got Sim City 4, 4 transportation expansion pack, SimCity Simulation and the Destinations expansion pack, and then some odd demo game.  It was a bit of a splurge, but D supported it, and we both firmly believe that every now and again.  Besides, it’s the first game I’ve bought in about 5 years.

Today we got some more books donated to the library, and some other stuff we don’t want donated to a local charity thrift store.  Had some lunch at McDonalds and got my above mentioned game.  Ended up playing it for like 5 hours tonight LOL We also got some chores done.  We realized that there was some laundry in one of the washing machines that was in there last night!  As we had tried to do our laundry last night.  We ended up just having to take the clothes out.  They’d been sitting in the machine so long they were almost dry, and 3 hours later when we were finally done with our laundry, they were still sitting there.  *sighs* And it’s some persons kids clothes!!  Who leaves their damn children’s clothes out for that long! Really! ugh…

So tonight we made home made pizza! OMG it was so good!!  We are so making them again soon, ‘cuz we still have pretty much all of the ingredients.  We also made some uber yummy smoothies tonight.  Banana, strawberry pineapple with some honey and plain yogurt.  MMmmmm…so good…

Today me and D ended on a very interesting topic of becoming small business owners.  I honestly don’t remember how we ended up on that topic but I mentioned how I’ve thought of starting my own adult toy shop.  🙂 He actually fully supports the idea.  So, I’m gonna start writing stuff down, just to have.  Then, if things continue to work out and we move, we’ll check into where we’re going to make sure the market is right, and also look into business start up loans.  LOL now nobody freak out this is all contingent upon many things and is nothing more than a pipe dream right now! LOL …. and something to keep me occupied at work between calls lol

Anyawy, my fibro has started acting up and my right hand is cramping so I’m gonna go to bed!  I need to work this week O_O


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2 responses to “where to start lol

  1. redvinylkitty

    January 25, 2010 at 9:52 AM

    MMM, we love making home made pizza. 🙂 Master has the science down to a “T” and now I don’t even like ordering out for pizza because his is sooo good. :))

    Ooh, and we play board games all the time. Scrabble is a favorite of ours, but we have battleship too. lol. Oh, and Monopoly! Woot.

    Send some of your snow our way! We’re dying for some more, you can practically see the pavement around here. lol.

    • Jessie Beth

      January 26, 2010 at 10:44 PM

      Ohh you can have as much of our snow as you want babydoll!! 🙂 And yea, I love the home made pizza…I keep delivery pizza coupons around the house just in case, but I am hooked on the homemade ones. I made another tonight actually!!

      My favorite “board” game actually is Scattergories. It’s much more fun with at least 3 people, but it fucking rocks with like, 6-8 people!! 😀


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