loving the lube!!!

28 Jan

So.  As I mentioned in my very short post last night (sorry for how short it was) we were in desperate need of new lube.  Most of what we had left after 3 lube mishaps were massage oils.  They sort of work for lube, but technically shouldn’t be used for internal use.  So.  I got some extra money today and after putting gas in the car (sale still isn’t final until the end of next week) and grabbing some food, we hit one of the adult stores in town.

I have been wanting to try a cooing lube for quite some time, and one day we actually hit all 3 adult stores in town and couldn’t find any.  Also, I have been wanting to try Climax Bursts brand lubricant ever since I saw it on Eden Fantasys.  Well.  I made sure to get some tonight!!  Don’t mind the poor pictures..sorry!

Now.  It’s got a pop top lid, which is just fucking cool!!  Makes for easy application and no dripage.   There is almost no scent, and while after a lot of use it does get a little gummy, it doesn’t get sticky.  It has almost a gel feeling while being water based.

If you look close, you can see little blue beads.  You’ll have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the beads. With a little pressure, they burst and you get a lot of the cooling sensation.  We didn’t actually feel those beads, so while it looks exfoliating, it’s not even remotely.

The cooling sensation itself is fucking cool!!  It does need oxygen exposure to activate.  What I suggest from our play tonight, is apply it, play a little bit, and then get some oxygen exposure to it.  Then fuck!  😀  Gods I loved it!!  Here’s a closer look at some of the beads.  And my tit 😉

Anyway.  We also got some lube called GunOil.  It’s a standard personal lubricant.  Very oily feeling but it’s water based.  It actually feels very good!  D came across it a while ago and hadn’t been able to find it again.  We got a 4oz bottle (the climax bursts was also a 4oz bottle, for about 11.99) for 15.99 a little expensive..but dayam!  It’s worth it!  You barely need any and it applies very well.  A thin coat will last forever!

Both lubes also clean up very easily.

Anyway, I’m very happy with our purchases tonight!  The bottle there you see behind the GunOil is some toy cleaner I bought.  Our bedroom sink is full of dirty toys (*blush*) that really need to be cleaned LOL

I very much want to try other Climax Bursts lubes.  They have warming, tingling and anal that I know of for sure.  I think they also have a variety that’s made especially for use with toys.  I’m very anxious to try the anal type, as well as the warming.  Ive used tingling before, quite a while ago though.  Don’t remember how I liked it, so that’ll for sure have to be a time when the money is purely extra.

We also got a little sample pack of a flavored Wet brand lube.  Me and D are not big fans of flavored lube, and often the scent is too much.  However, we both want to try Wet lube.  So, we’ll see how it goes.

I have a fuck ton more to post about, but I don’t have the energy tonight.  My bed is calling my name…so off to it I go! 🙂 Night all


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2 responses to “loving the lube!!!

  1. redvinylkitty

    January 29, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Hey! Nice TIT! Okay, okay, I’ll be mature. ;)) (Seriously though, it IS a nice tit :))

    I don’t know why, but I REALLY want “Gun Oil” I think that is the funniest thing ever. ^^ Let me know how you like the flavored Wet lube. I’ve never tried the flavors, just the original.

    • Jessie Beth

      January 29, 2010 at 8:34 PM

      Will do 🙂 Am anxious to try the Wet. I’ve heard such good reports of it.

      I am so loving the Gun Oil though! At first I was a little leery but only ‘cuz of the name. It fucking rocks!!!! 😀


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