cramps snow and stuff

01 Feb

Well, I walked to work today, and really enjoyed it.  I’m discovering that when I drive, I wish I wasn’t.  So, that certainly helps in my desire to sell my car LOL.  That should be happening Thursday or Friday this week.  Yay!!  I’m spending some of the money on sex toys.  I know I shouldn’t, but that money is not included in our budget…what there is of one.  D still hasn’t found a job 😦 He was able to apply for another one today for a company that he’s worked for before.  It’d be for overnights but… *sighs* He needs a job.  Like.  Now.

I’ve started taking this old backpack to work with me to carry my books and stuff LOL It’s one of those on wheels 🙂 I love it! LOL Since I have a bad back, it’s nice to be able to just put my stuff in there and pull it, instead of carrying it on my back and messing it up worse.

I came home on lunch to get my phone.  We had people over to fix the bed (the frame broke like, 2 days after we got it) and D told me the best story!  (I’d left the phone home for them to call when the got here, ‘cuz our door buzzer is broke.  Turns out they came 2 hours early, were able to get in with someone else, and didn’t call.  Good thing D was home!!) Anyway!!

I still had some sex toys out.  Right there on the bureau in the bedroom.  *laughs* Plus, my cfm shoes were out, and my butterfly pillow.  On the dresser were my Hello Kitty ears and on the chair in the bedroom my pink Playboy blanket.  None of my clothes were out.  So.  Naturally the repair guys thought D was gay!!! They were joking about it in the bedroom while they were fixing the bed *giggle snort*.

D thinks one of the repair guys was one that delivered our furniture, and I was here when he delivered it *laughs* So seems like he was just playing along but who knows 😉 *giggles*

So on the way home from work it started snowing and I got a super good pic of the snow! 🙂 It was quite beautiful actually.  Very peaceful.  It stopped before I got back to work though.  Ended up driving back ‘cuz I needed to make sure my car still started since we didn’t go anywhere yesterday and it was really cold.

That’s about all that’s going on now.  I got my period *sighs* but thankfully D is okay with sex during menstruation!! 😀  It doesn’t stop my sex drive.  At all.

It’s sex drive.  I’ve never had so much sex before.  I’ve had more sex with D than I had my entire relationship with my husband.  I’m not used to it.  I’m loving it!!  But, part of me is afraid I’m like…I dunno.  Sex would be all I’m interested in…or that I’m addicted to sex or something.  Granted, once or twice a day is hardly too much! LOL

So yesterday after we finished the cleaning D lit the candles in the bedroom so I knew what he wanted.  😀 Sex.  😀  So, I stripped down and did..something else mundane, don’t remember.  Blew my nose or something.  D was standing in the closet and I went up to him and kissed him.  Suddenly, he backed up and and told me to turn around. *creams* He blindfolded me!

With gentle hands on my arms he guided me to the bed and had me lay down.  He moved around a lot, so I didn’t know what he was doing or getting.  Suddenly, he put some lube on my pussy and slid a toy into it!! 😀 It was a toy we hadn’t ever used before; the egg vibrator.  OOHhhh gods I loved it!!  He took the egg out after I came and had me stay on the bed, still blindfolded.  After a couple more moments suddenly there was another new toy in my puss!

D slowly slid in a very thick toy…and I didn’t know what it was until he slid it in all the way and turned it on…it was my rabbit vibe!!  I really enjoyed the girth of that one, but I think the batteries are old.  My outer lips are insanely thick, (as a visual…my lips hold the egg vibrator in place with no prob..even on full vibe…yea..O_O we actually had a pretty good laugh about that) so the rabbit ears part of it only works if D turns it around so it’s the back of it against my clit.  It also has the rotating beads..and I’m seriously jonesing for some new batteries to feel it at full power! 😀

Anyway, last night I lotioned up D’s back and then I proceeded to lube up his cock and fuck the hell out of him.  MMmm…sometimes the best sex is quick hard and messy.  🙂

Night all!!!


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4 responses to “cramps snow and stuff

  1. lunakm

    February 1, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    Sex during my period doesn’t happen. We tried in the beginning and it wasn’t the blood that was the turn off for him, but the feeling in my puss is different he said. It just didn’t feel good for him so it’s like a waiting game when my period starts till it ends and we can go at it again. Insane.

    • Jessie Beth

      February 2, 2010 at 8:57 AM

      Aww damn that sucks! About the only change for me is I’m dry as a bone and tighter too. So *shrugs* we just make sure to use extra lube, have lots of foreplay and have at least 1 towel handy (which we do anyway)

      I hope you’re off your period soon so you two can get some action!! 😉

  2. redvinylkitty

    February 2, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    Cuuute! I love that you have a back pack on wheels! Work smarter, not harder, lol. When I was going to Massage School I had a bag on wheels to. Think I’m gonna carry all thoes sheets, oils, nevermind textbooks on my back? Heeeck nope!

    OOh, I love my rabbit vibes. I have two, one of them has the pearls you’re talking about, and the other one doesn’t. Come to think of it, I’m not sure what I have *two*. lol. It’s a pretty fun toy though! 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      February 2, 2010 at 8:59 AM

      Mhmm that it is!! I wish I could get another one sooner, but they’re so expensive I may have to see if I can do one as review instead of just purchasing. I’m ordering some toys this weekend think I’m gonna get another egg. Me and D are like, obsessed with finding out how double penetration is with them teehee 😉

      And oh hell yes…I LOVE my rolling backpack! Even my manager was all “Oh wow..I need one of those I think!” As she was lugging around over overflowing messenger style bag lol


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