2 incredible sighs of relief….

03 Feb

Well, those of you that follow me on Twitter knew that I was leaving my phone home today so D could call a lady back about an interview.  Well.  It went very well, and they’re sending him the paperwork so he can finish the criminal check and do a drug test.  Both of which he will pass, as he’s clean and has no criminal record.  So.  He basically has a job!!  WOOT the fucking WOOT!!  😀  It’s part time, doing product demos but… it pays more than I make.  And it’s a job!  Fuck yea!!!  Plus, it’s really close to home.  🙂

So, that was quite nice.  Today at work I was pretty bored and ended up revamping the note card game a bit.  I re-worked some that we already had and have pretty much doubled the amount of cards in the game.  WOOT!  I’m excited to use them again now with the added ones.  I’d added a ton of more positions and different things, included more toys, things of that nature.

When I got home from work today I came home to D cooking supper.  Stir fry with steak.  And ooh my god it was good… yummy veggies…killer sauce…the steak was just perfect…oh gods it was good…So, I made desert.  🙂 Baked apples.  YUMMY!

I love baked apples, they’re so yummy and healthy.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve made them, so I hope that D likes them and that I didn’t fuck them up lol

The biggest part of my night however was talking to my mom.  She called tonight and for whatever reason my phone went straight to voice mail.  So, I called her back and we talked.  I had to spin a bit of a tale about how and why I have ended up moving in with D, but it’s all the truth.  Only a little bit..exaggerated.

She says that she’s absorbed the fact that D is Mulatto.  I hope that’s true.  Throughout our conversation I stressed the fact that I’m 28 years old, and that I can deal with things.  When they happen, I handle them.  I do what needs to be done to fix it, get over it, or whatever.  My mom is the type of person who doesn’t fight or flight, she freezes.  Pretty much goes into “sleep” mode, if you know what I mean.  Me?  I deal.  I cope with whatever is going on in whatever manner deals with it best.

She said a lot of the “I just can’t imagine how you…” stuff.  How could I live without a car.  How could I move in with D.  How can I make it without cable tv, etc.  She said that she just wants so much for me… which really does make me melt.  But I very calmly and reasonably said “but what about what I want?  Not having a car IS what I want.  So I don’t have the stress of what’s this noise, etc etc.”  I made it clear to her that I would take no responsibility if she is up all night worrying about random “what if’s”.

Then she asks what will happen when we have our first fight and D kicks me out.  Well, I countered with what if we already had our first fight?  We only sort of have.  We had a disagreement.  We got over it.  I honestly don’t even remember what it was.  But, I was also clear with her that we’ve discussed this all.  We are adults and we act as such.  (Despite the fact that we frequently laugh at our farts and rate our burps.. LOL)

In the end she just said that I do seem happy and that I’m dealing with what’s going on.  I’ve got it all handled.  I said that yes I do.  If  I can’t deal with shit at my age I have problems.  She agreed.  She said she won’t worry about things anymore.  I don’t believe her.  But.  The conversation is over.  She’s accepted my boyfriend is half black.  She’s begun accepting that I’m living with him, that our relationship is not short term, it is not temporary.  Thank. Gods. For. Small. Miracles.  I told her more than once that I love her.

I am SO GLAD that conversation is over!  Gods am I glad!!! I am also so thankful for D’s job.  He is still looking for another part time one, but it’s not the “omigod need 3 days ago” situation that we were in before.

Anyway, I’m gonna actually get off the computer now for a while.. I’ve got this annoying not quite painful headache and I’m really drained.  A lot of excitement today lol Plus, I wanna cuddle with D.  We’re gonna watch something I think… I’m not even remotely horny…but I know that once I touch that will change.  😉


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7 responses to “2 incredible sighs of relief….

  1. redvinylkitty

    February 3, 2010 at 8:25 PM

    She’s “Absorbed” the fact that he is mulatto? Um, wtf? Still, I’m glad you two are finding some kind of closure, even if she’s still being kind of unreasonable. Does she really think that D wasn’t mulatto then you would never have any disagreements? Disagreements are normal, no one is going to have the exact same opinion 100% of the time. *shakes head*

    I’ve always wanted to try baked apples. 🙂 Yours look yummy. Wait, that sounded dirty. No, wait, it’s cool. ^^

    • Jessie Beth

      February 3, 2010 at 10:24 PM

      *laughs* Yea, it’s cool 🙂 And they were very yummy!! I really need to get an apple corer though, so I can core them better and deeper so the flavors get farther down into the apple.

      I’m not sure, about my mom. It’s not even that she handles change poorly, it’s that she doesn’t handle it at all. So yea lol I actually told her tonight that telling her what happens is worse than actually dealing with what happened. *shrugs*

      But yea..that’s my mommy…but I love her. she’s the only one I’ve got. 🙂

      • redvinylkitty

        February 4, 2010 at 9:35 AM

        Ah, I hope you didn’t think I was insulting her, I didn’t mean to! More like, frustration at the situation. I love my mommy too, even though we disagree often and all the time! lol. Actually, moving out of her house was the best thing I ever did for our relationship. Lool.

  2. Shii

    February 3, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    I really enjoyed this post Jessie. I’m not sure why; you just seem very “together”, you know? Like you’re at peace even in chaos. I don’t know, it just calms me down for some reason. Go you! I’m sure everything will smooth out anyway, and at least you are happy until then.

    • Jessie Beth

      February 4, 2010 at 5:54 PM

      Thanks Shii!! 😀 *hugs* Yea, I think seeing how my mom never handled anything let along handling it poorly taught me at an early age to just deal and get things over with lol

      And yea… I’m so happy being happy… lol Part of me is scared everything is too good to be true ya know?

      • Shii

        February 4, 2010 at 6:49 PM

        I get scared about everything being too good to be true also, even though they have been so great for so long now. But I think we get to a certain point where we can see that we make our own happiness, regardless of the situation. You can be happy anywhere, doing anything, with the right attitude and hope 🙂

        (and now I want baked apples!)

  3. Jessie Beth

    February 4, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    @redvinylkitty OH no! 🙂 *huggles* No, I didn’t think that. I sort of say some of that stuff to also remind myself so I don’t get angry and stuff lol

    And it’s the same for me LOL Moving out was the best thing I did too! 😀


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