04 Feb

You know, I still want to put “2009” when I put the date, and in fact have in a few places! LOL

Today was a pretty good day actually.  Finished up the training stuff at work.  It was more additional training then actual new information.  I aced it all, and in fact am so knowledgeable in what they were training the trainer herself was asking me pointers and things like that.  😛

Tonight me and D made home made pizzas with a different type of crust.  It was a put water in and mix kind.  Well…*laughs* it was a triop that’s for sure!  But, it turned out good enough we’re gonna get it again so we can “perfect” it, ya know?

We don’t have a pizza pan, so we made mine in a pie pan.  *laughs* Didn’t end up quite how I thought it would. 

It wasn’t wide enough, diameter wise, so the middle was a little doughy and didn’t quite come out how we anticipated it would. 

BUT, it still tasted REALLY good!! 😀

I am so loving home made pizza, I am thinking of ensuring that we have it as a regular food item around the house.  It’s so cheap, for us at least, ‘cuz the ingredients are things we keep around as staple food items anyway, except the crust.  And, the one we used tonight is uber cheap, under $1 for a crust, and the ones we used last week were like, $2.50 for 3 of them.  So, yea.  Way reasonable.

Hmm, past that we watched The Chronicles of Riddick.  I hadn’t seen the movies before and last night we wanted to watch a movie so I suggested Pitch Black.  I really enjoyed it so made sure to watch the second tonight.  From what we understand there’s a third one in pre-production so I’m pretty pumped about it.

Last night I somehow didn’t have sex with D.  LOL I think part of the reason I fought all temptation (and really just ended up making sure not to touch him too much, ‘cuz if I do it’s all over lol) was to prove to myself that I could indeed go a night without sex.  I’ve never been so sexual before, so I’m having to like…learn to live with it, ya know?

I’m re-reading this book by Barbara Keesling called “The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.”  I know it sounds way cheez-tastic, but what it does is take you through some steps to help you come into and accept your sexuality.  There’s things like writing assignments, physical assignments like just looking in a mirror and saying “you’re beautiful.” I have begun to do the assignments and am considering posting the writing ones up here.  They involve a lot of stuff from my past, but I’m thinking blogging about it will help me talk it through with myself (you know what I mean LOL) and things like that.  I’m thinking that doing this will be a good last step to sort of..”lock in” this new me.  The me whom I want to be.

So after work today I did indeed grab D and fuck him.  Well, he fucked me *laughs* I could hardly keep my hands off him after work 😀

And, I cut my hair.  Several weeks ago I had it permed for the first time.  I loved it, but now it’s half way out and it’s all frizzy and shit, and it’s forever knotted up.  So, I put my hair in a pony tail and cut it off.  It’s actually pretty cute, a little shorter in the back than the front. D  likes it, so that’s cool 🙂

And one last thing, I really think it’s cool that a lot of dvd makers are doing this:

They’re making the dvd cases using a ton less plastic!! 🙂 That’s awesome for the environment!! 🙂 I don’t know if you can tell, but the left hand side, there’s a giant reduce reuse recycle symbol stamped out of the case as well as the dvd holder side is not solid, and the whole case itself is thinner than I’ve ever seen.  I think that’s way cool! 🙂

Oh, and I’ve decided to start doing Half Nekkid Thursdays! (HNT) The most recent post behind this one is my first one!  😀 Me and D couldn’t decide what to do so that’s what it turned out this time.  I actually really like it 🙂 In the future some will be more… racy? seductive? Etc 😉



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2 responses to “2-4-2010

  1. Shii

    February 5, 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Nom, nom. Pizza!

    I know all about frizzy knotty hair. My hair is naturally curly, but Dragon doesn’t want me to cut it. So, if you decide to grows yours out again, I have lots of tips to keep the frizz away, if you want 😀 And how can you say you cut your hair and not put a picture? Meanie! I am sure it is adorable though!

  2. redvinylkitty

    February 5, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    ^^ Agree with Shii on the picture! C’mon, no picture of your hair?? :)) Lol, teasing! Still wanna see it though. 😉

    Yeah, we make home made pizza here once a week, usually on friday nights. Nom. Master makes the best pizza ever! Oh, and we never use a pizza pan because we don’t have one either, but a cookie sheet works great! 🙂


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