06 Feb

by Alice Cooper is one of my favorite cd’s now!  I love the music, the lyrics, all of it.  It’s all tied together sort of, like an epic tale almost.  🙂 Just thought I’d share that.

Let’s see…well, I think that last night I’d forgotten to mention that I got my car sold.  I have the first of what should amount to 5 or 6 $75 payments.  My friend is happy to be getting a car that goes in reverse.  I’m happy to no longer have the stress of car maintenance, insurance, gas, oil changes, etc.

Today me and D took the city bus to WalMart and back home.  It’s about a 5 minute walk, 1o depending on weather, traffic, etc to the bus stop and then a short drive to WalMart.  Especially as I’m getting used to walking, we wanted to use the bus so as to not push my body too far too soon.  I am enjoying it.

Actually, I’m quite proud of myself. Used to be that I would have just given up on getting rid of my car to appease my mom.  But, I’m growing out of that girl, finally, and am making my life into my life, not someone else’s.  I’m slowly but surely making small changes so that my life is what I’ve wanted it to be.  I’ve wanted to not have a car for a long time.  Well, for quite a time I didn’t have a car, but then my mom got me the one I sold last night, just out of the blue.

Truth be told, I really do feel like shit for selling it.  I loved that car, and it was a gift from my mom.  However, the stress of an older car, things breaking down on it, etc was getting to be too much.  My friend that I sold it to is much better equipped to handle the little things that crop up witha n older car.  And he knows that there’s some things wrong with it.

This afternoon me and D used the Kama Sutra massage oil for the first time.  OMG it’s amazing… It’s not sticky and not oily.  It absorbs into the skin very nice and lasts quite a long time.  Also, the bottles are like… I’m totally having a brain fart and can’t find the right words to describe it, but they don’t get slippery if you need to grab the bottle and reapply the oil.  🙂 Going to use it a few more times so I can get good descriptions of the scents (It’s a 5 pack) but it’s getting a very, very good review, and I am going to be looking at more Kama Sutra products.  That’s for damn sure!

With tax returns we’re able to get a bit more caught back up on rent.  Which is awesome!!  I talked to D and I think next weekend I’m getting a new tattoo!  Turns out this chick that sits near me at work is a tattoo artist and she’s got a design worked up for me.  It’s gonna cost a bit more than I was hoping, but it’s designed exactly for me.  And, I’ve seen her work and it’s very good.  So, I’m paying a dash more for quality.  When it comes to tattoo’s, that’s incredibly important.  I’ll post pics when it’s done.  Gods I’m so excited!!

I put in an order today for some adult items.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to get them!!  I got an uber good deal, so I was able to purchase a few things.  I got 2 cock rings for D.  He’s never used one before, though has been interested in trying.  With as thick as he is, and the fact that he’s uncircumcised he’s always had this niggling fear in the back of his head that it’ll get stuck on.  So I got 2.  One is just a cheap rubber one, and the other is a nicer one.. like rope almost with a bead on it, that’s adjustable.  I also got 2 sex games, a simple bondage kit (cuffs, blindfold stuff like that) and a vibrator for me.   It’s got a power pack then 3 toys attached, 1 bullet and 2 eggs.  We’re very excited to see what to do with all of them!! 😀

Tomorrow is going to be a cleaning day.  We have to really clean up the floor, the cats got sick over this week.  So, we’re gonna lock them up in the bathroom probably so we can soak the stains good and vacuum good.  We also gotta clean the shower, do some laundry, fun things like that. I also want to try to clean out at least one of my tubs.  I have about 5 Rubbermaid style like, 10 gallon tubs that are just full of random shit that needs to be gone through.  I wanna see if I can get at least one of those cleaned out tomorrow, start consolidating more of my stuff and get rid of more shit.

I want to make sure to go walking or swimming tomorrow though, to make sure my body is acclimating to the increased activity.  I’m thinking swimming though, ‘cuz we’re supposed to be getting another blizzard.  Shock surprise.. lol

Tonight we are just relaxing now.  Had a good “quickie” .. actually it was very quick.  LOL D ended a lot sooner than either of us anticipated…so, we are SO playing again later!! Muahahaha…. 😉 Anyway, we watched a Gallagher dvd and now we’re just doing our own thing.  We did have some really good fruit Smoothies though 🙂

I’m trying to ensure we have a varied diet, for heath reasons and also to make sure we have a couple big glasses of smoothie every week, to make sure we get at least SOME fruit.  🙂 So, there’s mine in my favorite glass.

Well that’s about it for now!  I have added the little app to the side of my page here.  Formspring.  You can put in any question there, and it’s 100% anonymous.  So, if you ever want to ask me anything and stay anonymous, go ahead and put it there.  I will answer as honestly and fully as I can.  And no, you won’t have my real name, or my address or anything like that 😉 (For some reason, the app isn’t fully working for me right now.  Maybe it’s just me… but if the box isn’t up, just click the link and ask there 🙂 )


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2 responses to “Dragontown

  1. Shii

    February 6, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Ooh! I can’t wait to see your tattoo. I’m in love with your snail though, so I might not like it as much 😉

    Your cup makes me sad. Every time I think of Winnie the Pooh, I think of how “everything happens to Eeyore”. Poor baby. I’m glad it is your favorite cup, so that you give him attention 😀

    And I’m making your empanandas right now!!! They smell delicious.

    (See, I’m random too.)

    • Jessie Beth

      February 6, 2010 at 11:50 PM

      Oh gods the empanadas are fucking awesome! I think next time I’m gonna add yucca to it. 🙂 And yea, I agree about Eeyore. 😦 I’m gonna get an Eeyore tattoo sometime too! This tat is just amazing! I like, printed out a couple photos to explain what I was trying to explain in my really poor scribble. How she figured it out is beyond me but she did! It’s gonna go on my left thigh. On the left of is, there’s a nice lotus flower, then it says Jessie Beth, and has some “sparkle” type stars and a butterfly, with just a tad of tribal to it. It’s amazing! I also, am in love with Snail. He’s so fucking CUTE!! 😀


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