Dragontown pt. 2 – Horror Show

07 Feb

By Iced Earth.  🙂 D is making some scrambled eggs… Damn my man can cook!  😀  It’s something that I really do appreciate ‘cuz when I was with my estranged husband, the only thing he could cook was frozen pizza.  One day when I was healing from a back injury, I asked him to make me some pasta roni.  Right.  It’s boxed pasta.  And he totally ruind it.  I couldn’t even eat it.  And it’s not that he’s just one of those people who simply can’t cook, ‘cuz there are those out there.  He chooses not to.  *sighs* It’s a totally whatever type thing, but really makes me appreciate someone who can cook fish so that even I go “more please?”

Yesterday at WalMart I actually found a new bra!! I mentioned a couple blogs back about reading through this book called “A Good Girls Guide to Bad Girl Sex” and part of that is ensuring that what you wear makes you feel sex.  I’m not going that far, ‘cuz my Transformers pajama pants are just too fucking cool, and no, they don’t make me feel sexy.  But, they do make me feel good 🙂 Anyway, for the most part I’ve done that with my clothes, but I’ve not done that yet with my underwear.  So, I got a new bra at WalMart last night 😀 It covers a lot more of the boob than I like, but it’s comfy and it’s the right size!  So, one of my nasty too big bras is gone.  YAY!!!

But along with that, me and D caught sight of some of the rockingest socks ever!!!  And we made sure to get 2 packs for me so I can mismatch them teehee 😉 (as a quick aside…the eggs are smelling so fucking good…) They’re from Miami Ink, that’s what the writing down the right side of the socks.

So anyway, I got that done, I’ve got my new pajama pants that make me feel way better than the too big exercise shorts I was wearing before.  AANNDD I ordered this really sexy camisole nighty from Eden Fantasys. I should be getting it Wednesday.  I will be reviewing it as well 😉 So yes.  That means some form of at least 1 picture of me in said camisole.  teehee

So, I just have to tell this story…then breakfast will be done.  The other day I’m standing in the kitchen and see this slip of paper on the floor.  So I pick it up and notice written on it “her birthday.” So I open it up (it was sort of crinkled) and it says “dec 11 first date” “dec 12 her birthday.” And it’s in D’s handwriting.  He has a short term memory he wrote it all down so he remembers.  It’s the cutest goddam thing ever!!  What really endears it to me though is that he actually blushed and stammered when I showed him that I found it.  *giggles*

He went on to explain that he used to keep really detailed notes to remember the important stuff.  Anniversaries, birthdays, allergies, things like that.  But a current girlfriend once found notes on an old girlfriend and naturally immediately accused him of cheating so he stopped doing that.


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2 responses to “Dragontown pt. 2 – Horror Show

  1. Shii

    February 8, 2010 at 12:02 AM

    Dragon socks!!! Too cute! I will have to look for them next time I go to Walmart!

    The note thing is so sweet ❤ He shouldn't be bashful about it 😀

    • Jessie Beth

      February 8, 2010 at 11:01 PM

      lol yea, he’s so silly *giggle* he turned so red..which is funny with his skin tone it’s so hard to see, which means he REALLY blushed


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