Duckie Dreams review

16 Feb

Silly as it may sound, but I’ve always wanted a vibrating duckie.  I find rubber duckies to be absolutely adorable and unfortunately haven’t had many over the years.  I currently have a red devil one on the bathroom sink and a smaller red devil on my keychain.  However, thanks to the wonderful people over at Babeland I now have another to add to my collection!!  Well..sorta 😉

I had the pleasure of testing out the JimmyJane Iconic Duckie . Made out of phthalate free pvc plastic, this incredibly powerful vibrating duckie is really quite adorable!  Standing at a modest 3″ high with a length of no more than that, this little guy packs a punch I was incredibly surprised to feel.

Powered by 1 AAA battery (that’s included, rock on!!) this little duckie vibrates his ass off!!  However, this is to one large detriment.  It’s louder than hell!  Which considering this is supposed to be a discreet vibrator certainly can dampen some of the more public situations.  I would not make a quickie run to the restroom at work with this one ladies! 😉 Depending on how it’s being held, I actually have heard a rattling in mine.  Another thing about the power, is that it’s vibrating like hell.  So, especially if you’re using lube, or even just from your own juices, he becomes incredibly hard to hold on to.

The controls and battery compartment are on the bottom.  The little control you see to the right on his backside is the on/off switch.  You simply turn it from one setting to another, however he unfortunately only has 2 settings.  On and Off.  So, not much choice there.  On the left is the battery compartment.  You can open it with a key or butter knife in the little slot, or if you’re able to hook a nail on that little lip you can see farthest to the left, simply slide it over, (down in the picture) and the little cap comes off.  It’s a bit easier to take off than put back on, but that’s typically how battery compartments run.

As for usage, one big plus is that he’s waterproof!  There is a nice o-ring in the battery compartment to keep that safe and he’s otherwise quite solid and put together.  There’s several different ways you can hold him to you, including his tail end (click the first photo to enlarge it, and you can see his tail is a bit raised), the top of his head and his beak.  D affectionately called it “being bitten by the bill” as he was quite emphatic to just now point out to me that ducks have bills instead of beaks 😉

All in all I give this little vibrator a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. He’s incredibly adorable, novel, made of safe material and powerful.  However, he’s very hard to hold on to and also very loud.  It was my first JimmyJane product and I’m thinking it won’t be my last! Thanks Babeland!


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8 responses to “Duckie Dreams review

  1. redvinylkitty

    February 17, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    I’ve been wanting a duckie vibe for so long. :)) I collect ducks (Maybe I should take a picture of my rubber duck collection sometime). This entry is making me want a duck all the more! :))

    • Jessie Beth

      February 17, 2010 at 6:42 PM

      Oohhh yea for rubber duckies!! 😀 I’d suggest getting one, it’s quite fun for a little different sensation, ya know?

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