I Dare You! Review

16 Feb

So.  This week I was lucky enough to review for Babeland a sweet and sensual item. The I Dare You sex game.  Highly appropriate for a special weekend, romantic getaway, honeymoon, anniversary or any other special occasion, this little box could give you some wonderful moments!!

The box is approximately 5″x3″ wide and 3″ tall, and opens by untying the black silk ribbon you see in the picture to your left. The ribbon attaches with one side on the top of the box, the other on the bottom.  They are fixed.  [meaning attached] The lid of the box actually is a little “padded” which gives it a more luxurious feel.  I’m pleasantly happy and surprised by the quality of the box.

Inside the box you will find a black velvet inset compartment holding little cards in sealed envelopes.  The envelopes have a very beautiful filigree pattern on the outside of them and when I mentioned that they are sealed…they are very incredibly sealed!  D and I actually have taken care to open them as nicely as we can so that we can keep them in the envelopes, although they’re still pretty beaten up.

This perhaps is my biggest complaint about this item.  With how beat up the envelopes get after you open them there is no chance of re-usability.  Now, let me explain quickly, and then I will get on to what’s on the cards.  With some of the cards being questions, the re-usability on this item is quite low.  It’s pretty much a one trick pony.  While perfect for a romantic getaway like I said earlier, once you come home it’s hard to use the cards again.  So, me and D thought of 2 uses afterwords.  First, this box kicks ass!  That velvet inset actually comes out.  It’s not attached.  So, you could take it out and use the very beautiful box to hold other things like cock rings, condoms or even jewelry. Or, if you’re somehow able to preserve the envelopes or find something else that could work, you could gift this to someone else planning a honeymoon/romantic getaway/etc.

Anyway, the cards.  There are 30 cards in this sensual sex game. Each card on it has a question or a dare. I shall give you 3 examples, so to give you an idea, but not ruin it 😉 “I Dare You – to take me to the smallest place in the house, where two people can fit with a little wiggle room.  Once there, we have 5 minutes to do anything we can get away with.” “Tell me – what has been your “favorite mistake.” That’s right, your favorite sexual mistake.” “Tell me – if you could be any superhero or mythical creature, whom or what would you choose. What would you do with your body’s magical power, when it comes to sex?”

Truth be told, I was again pleasantly surprised by the creativity and ingenuity with those questions and the dare.  I had expected the standard “what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to” type affair.  (The next photo is the best I could get, lighting wise, of the filigree on the outside of the envelopes.) With the openness me and D have already regarding our sex life and sexuality in general, the questions are a little irrelevant.  However, I can definitely say that we are quite excited to give the dares a go-round!

(And what one of the cards looks like, last pic for this one! 🙂 ) All in all, I am quite happy I was able to review this!  Truth be told, I didn’t have very high hopes, as “sex games” have a tendency to be on the redundant and cheez-tastic side of things. However this one is very creative and incredibly romantic and sensual.  4 out of 5 stars!! 😀  Thanks Babeland!!


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