the past few days in a nutshell

16 Feb

Those are just 2 of the awesome toys I came home to today!  Along with doing some final testing for Babeland we had some of our “own” toys to “test” as well!! 😀 Now, this evening we didn’t get *all* that much play done, as my neck is really bad.  No idea why.   Hopefully it’s going away… suffice it to say, my fibro has not been nice to me the past few days.  Thankfully, my wonderful D has been and he’s been willingly giving me some massages here and there.

Let’s see… so I came home from work today, checked a few things online and then promptly got tied to my bed with the under bed restraint system.  Firstly D blindfolded me with a new blindfold we got.  Then, he started teasing me with this fluffy toy we have.  It’s actually one of those cat toys that you can dangle in front of them, but we have a second for them to play with so we can keep ours clean lol.  Shortly thereafter he put THAT (points to the left) into me.  One of our new toys it’s fucking powerful!!  (Really, the only complaint is that the battery cover doesn’t stay on very tightly.) O_O  Soon after that I had *both* eggs in my pussy.  Oohhh yea…the Jessie Beth was keening like a cat in heat and squirming as much as having both arms and both legs bound would let me!

As I was panting and coming down from multiple orgasms, both vaginal and clitoral I suddenly felt something hot falling into me… WAX!! 😀  I think D really enjoys using our massage candle on me, ‘cuz it’s wax he can rub into me and he knows that it won’t burn m  (*makes mental note to buy another, larger massage candle…*)

We did get a couple other toys in my rather large purchase last week.  Being that we’re both very into keeping our sex life fresh, trying new things, etc we got 2 decks of “sex cards.”  They’re technically classified as “sex games” and indeed can be used as such.  It’ll be fun to see how they work for us 🙂 We also got a little bondage set.  Has some silk ties and a nice blindfold in it.  The blindfold is a little awkward, the nose area could have been cut a little higher, but I think it’ll be more comfortable after a little more usage.  It’s still all foldy from being folded up in it’s box for so long.

Anyway, I had an awesome night! 🙂 D was amazingly attentive and we had a nice hot shower after the play.  Works been alright.  My company was bought out and this week the merger will be complete.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  I know that some people will be laid off, though my position is pretty secure.

My weight loss group went good, I am kinda sorta looking forward to writing my next journal.  Only kinda sorta though 😉 Am also really looking forward to this week’s HNT.  No idea what we’re gonna do, but I’m pretty sure it’ll rock 😀 With D’s eye for photography and my love of being photographed…hhmmm….

I know I have more to say, but my brain has totally shut down, so I’m gonna go brush my teeth, climb into bed with D, and see about a little nookie before sleep 😉 …dear gods I just said nookie…maybe I need sleep more than I thought I did…the funniest part of that…is that the spell checker is recognizing nookie as a real word.  LMAO!


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2 responses to “the past few days in a nutshell

  1. redvinylkitty

    February 17, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    Okay, I think it is seriously funny as hell that the spell checker recognises “nookie” as a real word. lol. 😉

    I’m sorry your neckis sucking so hard lately. Maybe try some warm compresses? That should loosed it up a bit.

    • Jessie Beth

      February 17, 2010 at 6:46 PM

      Yea, took a nice hot shower and let the water run over my neck a lot last night. That helped a lot, and with as tense as I am tonight it’s definitely gonna be happening again! I have a pseudo-massage setting on our shower head that feels wonderful! 😀


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