The Ophoria Pleasure Pack

27 Feb

The Ophoria Pleasure Pack is a lovely little addition to any couple’s sex toy collection that you can get from the great people over at Babeland . I really like it in that it provides a toy both for a woman and a man. Although, for some variety, you can simply put the cock ring on your favorite dildo and/or strap-on to change things up a bit 😉 Anyway, as I just said, the pack comes with 1 vibrating cock ring (mine is blue) that has little nubbies on one side which nicely brush on the clit for added sensation. It also comes with a small finger vibrator. Mine is pink.

Honestly, I was most excited to try the finger vibe. I’d never tried anything like that before, so when I saw that I got the chance to try it out for Babeland, needless to say, I was pretty stoked!

So. The first thing about these two toys is that they are made of silicone. So you need to make sure that you do not use silicone lube, toy cleaner or store them with other silicone toys.

So anyway, the little vibrator just slips around your finger quite easily with a little loop on the top of the toy. The loop has nubs on the bottom that helps it stay on your finger. The only problem is that it’s quite small. So, while that’s nice so it stays on, if your finger is not itty bitty, it does make it difficult to get over your first knuckle let alone snugly just under it.

There’s a white button that will be just under your finger to turn it on. The bullet inside is surprisingly powerful yet quiet. There are two settings on this toy, on and off. The nice thing is that it’s not too powerful. It’s just enough to keep it pressed against your clit without it becoming sore or getting numb. The vibrator is just a little longer than your index finger and a tad thicker, so it nestles right in between your labia.

With how quiet this toy is, it is perfect to take along with you anywhere. If the room is perfectly quiet, with no other noise you will hear a faint buzz. However, if there’s anything running, even a refrigerator or fish tank, the sound is barely discernible, if at all. If you’re under a blanket you won’t hear it at all. It’s perfect for needing to duck out for a quick solo session pretty much anywhere you can get minute alone to yourself.

To change the battery you just need to push the bullet out of the sleeve. If you pinch the vibrator you’ll feel where the bullet ends. Just pinch there and slide the bullet up and out. The bullet twists open and there’s 2 small watch type batteries in there. If I’m reading them correctly they’re G3-A type.

4 out of 5 stars!

The second item to come with this little pack was the vibrating cock ring. Again its silicone, so take care with the lube and toy cleaner you use. The inside of the cock ring has little nubs to help it fit snugly around your cock. With it being silicone and having those nubs I did notice that it’s almost sticky. I would make sure to be careful if your cock is uncircumcised as it seemed to pull the foreskin back and bunch it up between the cock ring and body.

We tried the cock ring with the vibrator both on the top of D’s penis and on the bottom. He did quite enjoy the vibrations against his scrotum, though did not feel it in his cock. However, after a few minutes his scrotum started going numb, so that was inconvenient. LOL With the vibrator on the top of the penis, it feels very good against the clit, however with my very thick outer labia I couldn’t really feel it.

It has the same power and loudness of the finger vibrator, and as such, the same style of bullet. The cockring is pretty standard actually, as far as cock rings go. Nothing bad about it, but nothing extra cool. 3 out of 5 stars!!


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