Aqua Rabbit Vibe

13 Mar

So.  Good Vibrations was good enough to send me this lovely little rabbit vibrator called the Aqua Rabbit.  Simple in design, she’s a nice purple color with a fairly standard looking shaft design.  However, the shaft is quite talented 😉 In that it is bendable.   You can simply bend the shaft a bit in any direction to get a more personal touch.  However, I found little use for this as in the end, once she’s inserted she ends up still shaped as your vaginal canal is.

The rabbit is shaped as such, with the ears vibrating against your clit, or if you turn it around against your ass, which I must say felt heavenly!

The Aqua Rabbit takes 3 triple A batteries.  There are directions etched on the battery compartment, but I will tell you here how it works, as it took us a surprisingly long time to understand them.  The 2 batteries closest to the rabbit part of mine to + side down, the 1 battery farthest from the rabbit goes + side up.

This rabbit vibrator is billed as waterproof, with an o-ring in the battery compartment.  However, the battery cap only “snaps” into place, with a half twist/turn, rather than turning/threading on.  I do not feel comfortable submerging it, especially with the power dial being just that; a turn dial.  It would be far too easy to get water into it.  The shower would be more appropriate water play for it I believe.

As I said, the power switch is a turn dial.  There is only 1 vibration pattern, with turning one way making it more powerful and the other day less, then turning it off.  This vibrator is incredibly loud.  If you have roommates you would need your tv/radio turned on to a decent volume and your door closed to mask the noise.

Not exceptional but not bad, in the end, the Aqua Rabbit gets a 3.5 out of 5!!


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