Remote Controlled Egg – Review

13 Mar

Graciously provided to me by the wonderful people over at California Exotic Novelties, this little toy has opened up a whole new aspect to me and D’s sexuality.  This particular vibrating egg is rather simple in design and style, with several noticeable drawbacks.  I’d like to say however, that we are looking for another one to add to our collection!!

First off, the egg and remote have each have their own battery compartments.  The battery in the remote is a “27A 12V” battery, of a size neither me or D had seen before.  While it did come with one, few things are more irritating then having to search for random battery sizes.  While a remote this small I can see the need for a small battery, but just put the battery on the other side of the remote and you can fit in our friend the AAA.

The egg takes 4 small watch batteries.  Which we’ve already had to replace once, and the new set are already dead.  It does come with 2 full sets (8 batteries) in the package, but honestly, we haven’t used it so very long as to kill all the batteries it came with, considering the first use was maybe 5 minutes, just to get the feel of the controls and such.  The second was a good half an hour (while walking in the mall 😉 ) so I could see them dying then.  We are thinking that the egg drains the batteries even while not in use, so we shan’t leave the new (again!) batteries in there when not in use.

To put the batteries in the egg, the top screws off and there’s a small hole you drop them in.  This part does have an o-ring on it, however juices still get in.  After the mall use experience and I’d orgasmed a couple times, we took off that cap just to see for sure the sealing power of it.  Well, it didn’t seal very well and we had to clean my juice out of the threads.  This could also be contributing to battery failure, however we didn’t notice any evidence of my juices above the threads.  The egg also does have a removal string on the top of the battery cap for ease of removal.

The one part I really enjoy about this toy is the shape of the remote control.  It looks exactly like an auto-start for your car and even has a little spot to loop a key ring or lanyard though!! It also does have a pull-out antae, though we haven’t noticed any difference in range with it extended or retracted.

There are 4 buttons on the remote; power, increase, decrease and pulsation.  Basically you hit the power button and it starts on the lowest vibration pattern.  You can then increase the vibration power (and thus increase the loudness) or you can put it on one of several pulsation patterns.  And I must say, there are some great and unique pulsation patterns!  However, my decrease button doesn’t work.  I imagine however, that this is merely a production flaw in my remote unit, though it’s quite disappointing and annoying.

Cleaning wise the egg has a nice velvety touch to it, so it is quite easy to clean.  However, since lube and juices so easily get into the threads you need to spend extra time every use opening it up and cleaning out the threads.  Simple hand rinsing and then using your favorite toy cleaner is fine for this one.

As for the range, it’s rather disappointing.  With me naked, we had about a 5’ range while pointing it directly at my vagina.  With me clothed, we had about a 1.5’ range.  The biggest drawback in my opinion however, is the loudness.  With it fully inside me, and me fully dressed, D was able to hear it a foot away from me.  While the noise level was not noticeable inside a mall, if you were in a movie theatre and turned it on during a very quiet scene, your neighbor would hear it.  Epic secrecy failure.

All in all, I feel I must give this toy a sad 2 out of 5.  Were it quieter it would get a higher rating, but even battery failure aside, the noise level defeats a lot of the purpose of a toy of this nature.

I must say however, thanks Cal Exotics for turning us on to a whole new type of toy!!  We are SO getting another one!! 😀


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