the tools of the trade???

13 Mar

So, in my opinion, the Tools of the Trade Kit from Good Vibrations is…well… an interesting case of 50% loss and 50% gain.  I was disappointed by both vibrators and only half disappointed by the lube.  The best part of this sex toy kit was being able to try the GV Wipes.  Let me explain…

Red Hot Bullet Vibrator – Definitely has potential!  A big fan of bullet/egg vibes myself I love them, and don’t think I’ll ever have enough.  This bullet uses 2 AA batteries in the power pack, which this kit does come with.  Simply twist the bottom off and they slip right in.

It’s powered using only 2 buttons, on and off with 4 power settings, 1-4.  It’s a simple vibration pattern, no pulsations.  There’s little lights next to the power setting and you must cycle back down through them in order to turn it off.

When we first tried this toy, I was incredibly excited, as I mentioned I love egg toys.  We first used it clitorally, going through the setting while holding it against my clit, and I came quite hard.  Next we were going to insert it into my vagina.  So, we grabbed some lube and prepared to lube it up.  That’s when we noticed that mine has a flaw.  Where the cord attached to the bullet it is not secured in all the way, there’s quite a gap where juices and lube could get in.  As such, we were unable to test this one any further.  I give the Red Hot Bullet Vibrator a 3 out of 5 for potential I know is there!

Pearl Drop Vibe Small, simple, to the point, uncomplicated, good for only one thing.  LOL  Basically, this vibe is good for clitoral play.  It’s too small for anything else.  The Pearl Drop is phthalates free and waterproof, which is always a plus.

Operational wise, to open this vibrator you must grasp both ends and pull.  Hard.  It will pop open and you can insert 1 AA battery.  You should be able to see the battery in the picture to the left. Then just pop the two pieces together again.

To turn it on, you must twist each end individually until the copper wires are even with each other.  You should also be able to see the copper piece in the picture to the left.  There is 1 setting for this toy.

For cleaning, simply rinsing it off then using your favorite toy cleaner will work wonderfully.

In the end, I guess I was hoping for something more this this particular toy. It would be excellent for a beginner, especially for a beginner to clitoral stimulation with toys. Past that, it’s nothing much at all. 2.5 out of 5!!!

Please Cream Lubricant – truth be told, I almost didn’t try this.  It smells like glue.  Remember the good ‘ole fashioned white Elmer’s Glue from elementary school?  This lubricant has a very strong scent just like that.  I mean, when you open it, the first smell you get is lube.  That standard sex-lube smell.  However, holding on to that tail, the glue smell comes up behind it and smacks you in the face.

I admit to that smell causing me to fear that the lube would cause my toy to get stuck to my vagina.  It didn’t, obviously LOL While in the end I know it was silly of me to feel that way, even when I smell it now I still have that part of my brain screaming “Elmer’s Glue!  Stick our fingers together!!” and it giggles.  Oy vey…

Enough about the smell, on to the performance.  This lube is incredibly thick!  It is called “Cream lubricant” for a reason.  The thickness and viscosity of this product is similar to that of lotion.  It’s almost too thick, if that’s possible.  It’s water based and glycerin free which is excellent, but it also moisturizes which, of course, is evidenced by the thickness.

Honestly, I am preferring this lube for anal play rather than vaginal.  It seems to almost coat my vaginal walls too much, and it reduces sensation, almost feels like D is wearing a condom if we use the Please Cream Lube.  Also, with how thick it is it really stays.  So you almost need to shower to clean it all off, lol.

So, for vaginal use?    1 out of 5.  Anal use?  4 out of 5! J

GV Wipes – Now again, honesty is my policy and I sort of enjoy saying what I was thinking when I open the packages.  When I saw the GV Wipes I sort of scoffed.  Why? Dunno.  I guess my thought was “another ploy for us to *need* something so we spend more money needlessly.”  Now though? I am so buying a huge package of these!!

I used one of these after the first use with the afore mentioned cream lubricant.  The ones in this kit come individually wrapped, not sure if they do purchased on their own.  Also, the ones I have are vanilla scented.  The vanilla scent is a lot more of a natural vanilla scent, rather than the stronger vanilla you get in a candle or body spray.  There however is a bit of a cloying doctor’s office scent.  Since they’re alcohol free I’m not sure where that comes from, but it’s quite minor, and not at all an issue.  I think though I wish the vanilla scent was a bit stronger, or they were completely unscented.

They are nice and thick, feeling almost cloth like rather than the baby wipe feel a lot of other bathroom wet wipes can have.  They are also quite large, so you are able to get a lot of use out of one wipe, which is nice if you’ve had a long session of messy sex play.

They also feel incredible!  They are soft, a little moist while not being wet and do not leave any residue.  While they don’t remove/neutralize that after-sex smell that we all get (as a lot of that is internal), they do nicely clean off any sweaty or long-day scent that women can often have down there.

I will freely admit though, that I did not use them on my toys.  These would make excellent toy cleaners, (especially if you’re not at home and don’t have your standard toy cleaning gear,) I must say that I prefer hand washing them and then using a spray anti-bacterial toy cleaner.  Personally, I feel that these are much better saved for genital cleaning.  These would also be very handy for men to use as well, especially after sex.

All in all, the GV Wipes?  I’m in love with them!!  My very first 5 out of 5!! 😀 Thanks Good Vibrations !!


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