Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo

18 Mar

So.  The Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo. I remember when I got the Uno and was so excited! I enjoy going around doing things with orgasm balls in my puss. The Uno just wasn’t enough. So, when I saw an option to try out the Duo from Babeland I pounced at the chance.

So, the details first.  These little balls are silicone, so if you need to use lube, or if you use a cleaner, ensure they are silicone free.  Also, ensure that you store them so they are not touching other silicone items or they could react badly.

Now.  My main complaint with the Uno was that it was too small.  There wasn’t enough of it.  So, when the Duo came I ran into the bedroom, threw off my pants and proceeded to shove the Duo into my vagina.  Well.  I tried.  I could barely get the first ball in.

Now.  The SmartBalls are quite thick.  So, I slowed my pace and put some silicone free lube on them.  And once again proceeded to try to insert them.  Even with the lube I barely could.  Disappointed?  Oh hell yea.

So.  D is in the background looking funny at me while all of this is happening lol.  I put my foot on the bed, and have my other out at an angle, so I’m as open as I can get.  I put my finger on the nice little finger groove that you can see in the pic, up at the end where the pull-string is.  I relax my vaginal muscles as much as I can, and proceed to push as hard as I can.  Success they are in!!! I bring my leg down and can feel that the second ball has not cleared my outer labia.

Disappointed again.  We had been planning on swimming and I love swimming with orgasm balls in.  Knowing there was no way I could handle them hanging out like that I tried to pull them out.  And couldn’t.  They were lodged in.  So, I squat down a bit, start doing kegels, grip the pull string and tug.  They fly out of me so hard the weight of them pulls them out of my hands and they proceed to land on the floor by the bed.

So, the Smart Balls Duo? Too big 😦  I did try them again a few days later.  I got them shoved up in me again, and walked around the apartment a bit.  I admit, how full they made my vagina feel was incredible!  However, with how they protruded from my labia was very uncomfortable, and I would have gotten very chaffed. While I did have them in I also made sure to move around a lot.  I felt absolutely no movement of the balls inside me.  I imagine that this is because of how incredibly snugly fit they were inside of me.

I also imagine that if you do not trim your pubic hair, there would be chances of the hair getting pulled between your lips and the protruding ball.

It is entirely possible that my disagreement with this sex toy is anatomical.  D tells me that I indeed am a bit tight (though he is a bit thick LOL) so who knows.  If you like your vagina full to the max, this is for you!!

So.  3 out of 5 for potential!! 🙂


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16 responses to “Fun Factory Smart Balls Duo

  1. Joan Price

    March 23, 2010 at 11:23 PM

    I had a similar experience. They were too large for me. Where are the Teneo Junior Balls? 😉

    If you want to compare my experience to yours, I wrote two reviews (I kept trying!). Review #1: and review #2:

    Joan Price
    Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty

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