i rubbed my duckie again and again and again

18 Mar

I rubbed my duckie…and then I rubbed it again..and then I rubbed it again…I LOVE my duckie!! 🙂  So, I love my duckie so much I am getting more of these duckies!! He comes in a little plastic case with a ribbon for a handle.  I have to say though, it was quite hard to open.

First off, I was quite happily surprised with the size.  It’s 5″ wide and 3″ tall.  On the bottom, you use a phillips screwdriver to take off a little panel to put in 2 AA batteries.  The toy did not come with the batteries.

The duckie is made out of pvc and is quite waterproof.  You will notice also that the battery compartment is very protected on the bottom.  Not where the batteries go. I would not feel safe submerging it however.  There is not an o-ring or anything like that on the lid.  While it does screw on tight, that’s about it.  I am comfortable taking it in the shower though.

Performance wise, the I Rub my Duckie has 3 settings, which gets activated by pushing down on his back, just behind his head.  You will both feel and hear a click.  There are 3 settings of a standard vibration pattern.  For me, for a nice relaxing slow to orgasm time, the medium setting is perfect.  I very much enjoyed just holding his head against my clit.

Both the head and tail areas are wonderful to use for clitoral stimulation.  This is not an insertion toy, though I suppose the head and beak could give a tad bit of inner vaginal pleasure.

At D’s suggestion, I did put the toy on a pillow and tried using him in that fashion.  I can see this working will if you have small outer labia.  Mine are just too thick, I spend too much time trying to position him.  By that time, he’s vibrated himself off the pillow LOL

(The last photo is for size comparison with the JimmyJane Iconic Duckie)

One thing though, aside from being unable to submerge this sex toy is the volume.  He is quite loud, especially on the third and highest setting.  You’d need a closed bedroom door and a radio or tv on to cover the sound.  Also, you do run the risk of numb fingers on the highest setting LOL

The nice thing is that with how big he is, he is not very hard to hold on to 🙂

4 out of 5!!  Thanks for contributing to my new vibrating duck collection Babeland!!


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