my new favorite!

21 Mar

So a couple weeks ago, asked me if I’d be willing to review the Frisky Kitty for them.  It’s a new vibrator from Lady Calston.  When I saw this little beauty on the website I couldn’t let them know fast enough that ya dayam straight I wanna try her out!!!  Plus, she’s phthalates free! Can’t ask for more than that sometimes LOL

Shorter than your “standard” vibrators (…if there are any “standard” vibrators any more! LOL) the Frisky Kitty is a bit more of a length a typical g-spot vibe.  She has a ribbed clitoral stimulator on one side of the shaft with it’s own bullet in it, and anal stimulator on the opposite side, that’s quite flexible.  I must say, I am very happy with how flexible that anal stimulator is.  It allows you to have stimulation all over your rectal area without really any penetration.  However if you want anal penetration, it’s simple to lube up that little “tail” (that’s D’s word for it 😉 ) and slip it in your ass.  It’s thick enough to feel it, but not so much that you’d have to stretch to accept it.  If you are familiar and comfortable with rabbit vibrators this one actually would be, in my opinion, a very good introduction to a double penetration style vibrator.

The part of this toy that really makes her “something else” is that the tip of the shaft rotates.  Yes, rotates.  You see that the end of the shaft has a curved nub? Yea.  It goes in little circles right over your g-spot.  OMG and it’s wonderful!  When we got her in the mail, neither me or D could wait long enough to slap some batteries in her, get me naked and in bed and try her out.  At first we were worried that with how short she is we were afraid my thick lips would prevent stimulation.  Well, we were wrong.

The one downside to this toy is that depending on your angle and all that, you may need your partner to help get everything in place.  When I try to use her myself I find it difficult to get that oh-so-flexible tail (teehee 😉 ) over my button.  D has to swoop in and get it just right.  Having to hold it just so does make it a little difficult if you’re one to squirm, as I am.  But.  It is so worth it!!

So, the specs.  She takes 3 N batteries.  Up here we find them in the camera section of Wal-Mart.  She does not come with batteries.  The cap screws off and you put them in.  It is nice ‘cuz it very clearly shows which side goes up on which battery.  It also has a very nice o-ring in it.  She is waterproof but I wouldn’t leave her too long submerged, I’d stick in the shower.  Then, you twist it on until you hear a faint snap sound, and the V’s match up. *points to the picture* It also very clearly marks this.   The speed is controlled by a twist dial.  When it’s inserted, with ours we have to turn it past a certain point for it to turn on, then turn it down to the setting we want.  There’s only one vibration and twist patter, with all of the bullets and twist functions working together.  You cannot, for example, turn off the clit bullet and keep the g-spot rotation on.  They’re all together.  Now here comes the …interesting story that we had.

The first time we used this we noticed the control dial was loose.  Well, when we looked at it to see if we just need to tighten the screw (not uncommon in vibes with a turn-dial style control).  Well, it ended up completely falling apart.

After about 20 minutes and putting it back together about 3 times we finally got it to work! 😀 I was getting afraid I’d have to see about exchanging it.  Now, the way this happened we could tell it was just that the screw was loose on mine.  Nothing more.  It’s working perfectly fine and I am planning on playing with it again in just a little while! LOL

Anyway, the rest of the specs.  The shaft is about 3 1/2″ insertible.  The entire toy is about 7″ long.  The clitoral stimulator is about 2″ as well as the anal stimulator.  The shaft has a nice girth of about 4″.  Noise level is medium, enough to have your door closed and a tv on low to mute out the sound.

All in all, this is my favorite now! The stimulation is a bit much for me to use her all the time, I have another rabbit vibrator that’s my trusty “every day” one, but I tell ya.  Nothing beats the Frisky Kitty and her unique brand of pleasure!! 4.5 out of 5!!!


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