search terms

21 Mar

So, I can’t really focus on anything.  D’s playing a game on his computer, we’ve got Dennis Leary on in the background, and I decided to check  the search terms for my blog.  So basically, these are terms people have used in search engines that got them to my blog.

  • 18 kitties porn ooohhhhh mmmmyyyy…….. In all acutality, I can see how this got someone to my blog, because I talk about both kitties and porn.  However, when you put those 3 words together… >.> right..
  • youtube ti pissed off – …..
  • overcoming emotional eating journal – with how little I’ve really talked about this on my blog, and I need to more, it makes me wonder how many pages they had to search thru to find my blog with this…
  • iwant to make apony beaded key ring – first: spell check is your friend! but… huh???? I’m thinking this is just some sort of misspelled home arts and crafts search..but how the hell did that find my blog???
  • hotmoviesforher voucher redeem – … hotmoviesforher is a website in and of it’s own…how the fuck could I redeem one of their vouchers????
  • xxx novel little beths boyfriend – …..
  • life brand lubricant – sorry, never heard of it
  • “fun factory”+”wordpress”-“0 comments” – that is a very specific search LOL
  • – that’s just cool that they searched specifically for me! 😀 But, if you have the url..why not just put it in your browser bar and go directly to the site? lol
  • ” my age” – hmm…did you forget how old you were?
  • life brand lube – I still don’t know what that is, still haven’t heard of it, sorry! lol
  • only free gagged bondage pics – … not a bondage site.  sorry!
  • why do my smart balls fall out when i wa – could help you out more if you’d finish your thought…

Anyway, I just enjoy checking those from time to time! teehee 😉

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