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27 Mar

*giggles* Silly Apple Kitty found my hat!

For a while now I’ve had a lot of thoughts going around my head that have been trying to get out, and what with all the shit going on; stress with D’s job, my surgery, family, etc I just haven’t had the wherewithal to spurt it all out.  So we’re home, D is playing on his comp, we’ve got the errand for today done (which ended up being a lot more work than it was supposed to be; we forgot to have bus money for the way home, so 1 day out of surgery I ended up having to walk home from WalMart.  Only about 10 blocks, but still. *shrugs* I made it! LOL)

So, I’ve come to the realization that I’m falling in love with D.  Not just the “i love you” love but the one that’s deeper than that.  A more forever kind.  We’re not necessarily the most affectionate couple, but he’s made statements that are sort of in kind.  We’ve said “i love you” a time or two, nothing more.  But he has said that he doesn’t see us breaking up.  But, we’ve not made promises.  I think we’re both pretty… jaded about the “oh I’ll never leave you” stuff.  (Don’t take that as judgment upon promises like that; they’re beautiful.  Just not for us, right now.)

So, the more I’ve thought about it, and the more I’ve become involved in it, the more important sexual health, education and positivity have become to me.  I’ve actually finally realized that I’d love to have that as my full time job, in some way.  Not reviewing toys *laughs* even I don’t have the stamina for that to be my full time job (unless I was independently wealthy or something…) I don’t know doing what, but at least I finally, finally know what I would enjoy as a career.  I’m thinking of starting to look at the websites that I frequent, so see if any are hiring.  I’m sure they’d all be for local things, where their main offices are, but ya never know!

D is still being way awesome to me.  When we got home from WalMart he barely let me walk to the bathroom alone, after walking home.  I had to carry a couple bags the whole way, ‘cuz we bought kitty litter and so he carried that.  Basically we barely got in the door and he’s all “go sit down. now.” LOL

I’ve “lost” my tragus piercing.  ‘cuz of the surgery I had to take out the ring that was in and it was in a pretty sensitive healing point.  So, I’ve decided to let it go, after being quite pissed off, and I’m gonna get the other side pierced.  It will be easier on the healing ‘cuz of the side I wear my headset at work, plus I sleep on my left side as well. So having the right pierced will make healing easier.

At WalMart today I drove  one fo the electric scooters, ‘cuz there was no way I’d make it walking.  It was fun, but it was amazing the asshattery out there!  People standing right in front of me, people just walking right in front of the scooter while I’m in motion, people letting their kids walk in front of the scooter while I’m in motion!  Seriously people!?!?  *eye roll* shoulda just run their asses over…

So anyway, that’s about all I have the ambition to type up right now.  My body is pretty tired though my mind is not.  *sighs* how inconvenient…

As for recouping from my surgery I’m alright.  I’m still a little out of it from the drugs they gave me, but I haven’t had to take any more of the Tylenol #3 they gave me to bring home.  I’m bleeding but right now it’s more dried blood than anything, which is good.  I’m not all that sore or anything so yay!! 🙂

*wavies* ttyl


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