The itty bitty Pleasure Me Purse

27 Mar

It's quite small, but the purse itself could be very handy for holding any sort of little thing.

So, the Pleasure Me Purse Kit is really quite cute. From Good Vibrations it’s more of a sensual aid rather than an actual sex toy.   It comes with 4 items in it.; a sample of Please Cream Lubricant, a .025 oz Massage Me Mini Massaging Bar, a small bullet vibe and a 1oz bottle of Devour Lickable Massage Oil, plus the little purse itself.

The purse itself is simply made, I believe out of plastic and it has a little snap closure.  I like the snap closure, as it quite effectively holds everything in.  The labels could peel off nicely if you wanted to use it for something else.  Once you’ve used what comes in it, this could be quite handy to fit lube samples in, condoms, cock rings, or any other number of little doo-dads.

You can see that it’s quite small, as I hold it in my hand in the picture, so it could even fit in your normal purse, if you choose to take it someplace with you.  It’s also quite discreet, especially if you peel the labels off.  It’s also opaque, so even if you have sex toys in there, it’s possible no one would know what they’re looking at.

Samples of these size tend to have 1-2 uses in them.

The Please Cream Lubricant I have tried before.  Put off by it’s scent, I found it hard to even try it.  To me, it smells like the white Elmer’s Glue from elementary school.   Once I was able to get past the smell, I found that it’s not even remotely sticky, it’s actually a very good lubricant for certain things. Even after a lot of air exposure it didn’t get sticky, which is nice to see.

I found it almost too thick for vaginal use however, but also found that very thickness to be quite good for anal use.  It stays on very well, with little need of reapplication.  Vaginally however, it seemed to really coat the inside of my vagina, which caused a loss of sensation for me.  For anal use, it coats both the inside of your anus and the toy very well, to allow for very smooth penetration and movement.

This is not a lube I would recommend at all to beginners, as it’s quite unique in it’s traits and texture.  In my opinion, this lube is perfect for intermediate to advanced sex toy users, most specifically for anal play and anal sex.  Because of the thickness however, this lube can at times require it’s own cleaning off your body.

It's the strong and silent type 😉

The Magic Touch Mini Bullet is a small, silver vibrating bullet.  It takes 3 small watch batteries that it comes with.  Simply unscrew, put the batteries in and screw it back together.

It’s got 1 setting powered by the black button on the end of the vibrator.  It’s surprisingly strong for such a small vibe, and pleasantly quiet.  Too small for insertion, this vibe is good for things like clitoral and nipple stimulation and external vaginal or anal stimulation.  Again, that’s external; there’s no retrieval string on this toy, so please do not insert it.

Good for taking with you, you can just slip this discreet vibrator into your pocket or purse and be on your way.  The noise it makes is a slit buzzing sound, and would be easily drowned out from ambient noise in almost any public place.

It also has an o-ring around the battery compartment which makes this little toy perfect to take in the shower with you.

Lickable, but not edible.

Devour Lickable Massage Oil is just that. Lickable.  Perhaps it was just the flavor I got though.  The flavor that came in my pack was Creme Brulee.

It smelled heavenly, if almost too strong.  Smelled so good it almost makes you want to drink it.

So, it rubbed in very nicely, without being too oily.  The scent stays around a lot, and we ended up having to wash off D’s back a bit as the smell was becoming cloying.  I actually could still smell the oil on my hands the next day.

Taste wise, once it’s rubbed in it smells like plastic and tastes about as good.  So I poured a little bit more on, let it run down his spine a bit and licked it off.  This particular flavor tasted like melted butter with sugar in it.  Of course though, I believe that IS an approximation of what creme brulee actually is.

So if you like creme brulee and massage oils this is not half bad.  I did have to wash my hands afterwords and this particular flavor is a bit cloying.  I’d love to try this in another scent/flavor though! 🙂

My favorite part of this little kit!

The Mini Heart Shaped Rub Me Massage Bar is actually my favorite part of this little sex toy kit . Made with cocoa butter it smells heavenly.  Mine was also scented with peppermint essential oil which gave it a wonderful minty undertone.  It actually smelt so good it was almost a struggle to not nom on it! LOL

When you take it out of the wrapper and touch it the first thing you’ll notice is that it reacts to your body heat and begins melting right away.  This is almost too soon, so make sure that you’re ready to use it on your lover when you take it out of the package.

I have to say, it felt really good to feel this rubbing across my skin.  When D used this over my back, he didn’t need to use even half of it, as a little goes a long way.  We were able to put it back into the wrapper (we ended up just putting it in a plastic baggie) to save for later.  There was plenty left on my skin for him to continue rubbing it into me for quite some time.  Also, once he stopped working it in it died dry up nicely on his hands.  They didn’t end up sticky or oily or anything.  However, we did end up using a dam wash cloth on my back, as this is quite thick and felt like stuff would stick to it; fur/hair/thread/dust bunnies/etc.

The scent was heavenly and not too strong.  It did stick around for a little bit, but not near as long as the massage oil.

All in all, the Pleasure Me Purse Kit gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It’s a wonderful little kit of samples to see if and what you like.  Thanks Good Vibrations !!


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