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28 Mar

Is what this is.  LOL yea.  daily post.  woot and stuff!  D’s got a book on tape playing in the background.  I’ve never listened to one, and I’m not thinking I enjoy it, but we’re only a couple minutes in.  The person reading has some odd pause points, so I’m like getting ready for a new sentence but that’s not what it is LOL

We’re gonna grill the steak that my mom gave us.  Yum!  We’ve had a lot of meat lately, and I’m getting a little tired of it, but D is right.  with my surgery and the bleeding, I need the red meat. So, need to go prime the grill 🙂 I think we’re also gonna make some perogies… yum!

D was telling me today what the doctor said when he came and talked to them after my surgery.  Apparently the piece of my cervix he had to take was a pretty decent sized piece.  I guess I thought it was like..a chunk, rather than a piece.  Semantics, I know lol So, they’re bisecting it and analyzing it and all that.  I’ll get the results Wednesday.

We did a lot of walking today, it felt good! Unfortunately I think I went past my limit and I’m pretty worn out.  D is being sweet enough to grill the steak so I can rest 🙂 We walked quite a lot today.  The weather is just beautiful, sunny warm with no wind.  It’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, I hope so!! I can’t swim for a least 2 weeks, so walking is about my only exercise for a while.

Earlier today I added a little bit to my sex + page. 🙂

On our walk we talked a bit about moving.  We’ve come to the decision that we *are* going to move out of state.  We hadn’t been able to come to any decision on where, every place pretty much their own pro’s and con’s.  So, what we’re going to do (while I’m typing this D is in the background dancing and shaking his ass at me LOL) anyway.  What we’re going to do is write down several places, some we know nothing of, put them in a hat and pick one.  We’ll look the place up, decide if it’s way off the list (too far north or south) or not.  If not, if we both like it, that’s going to be it.  That’ll be the place we move to.  (oohhh the steak smells good…I should go start the water for the perogies…) We also talked about moving to a different apartment once the lease is up in this one, (october) but with how much it can cost to move, we’ve decided it just wouldn’t be cost effective.  Unless there’s a major move-in special, and it’s still in the same area we’re in now.

Holy. Shit. So, we’ve eaten since I typed the last sentence.  And in that time I got a phone call from a friend I haven’t heard from in months!  Turns out that on Thursday, one day before my own surgery, his wife had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  Turns out they were only able to remove 90% of it and then her brain hemorrhaged.  So now she’s under a drug induced coma.  😦 I feel so bad for him.  He is one of those guys that’s just plain ‘ole nice.  He’s a genuine good person.    Since we were just sitting down to eat and he was wrangling his kids he let me go pretty quick.  But I told him to call me again soon, and he said he would later on this week once he put his kids to bed.

Well, I haven’t much else to say but I still want to write.  I think I may work on another page for my sex+ page.

I wanted to post some pics from our walks today but with how our net has been today, they’re just not uploading.  *eye roll* we’ve been having computer and technology issues all day.  *sighs* *wavies*

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