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29 Mar

So we live by this park, right.  It’s actually at this huge YMCA gym/daycare/area but it’s outside for the public to use as well.  I have a fantasy of fucking there some night.  Middle of the night style.  I have skirts I could wear 🙂 to make it easier lol Yesterday on our walk D and I went past it and I told him about it.  All he said was “well, not this month, and not until it gets warmer at night.” O_O WOOT!  Sounds like it just might happen.  *dances happily* If/when it does, I’ll make sure to blog about it teehee…

Since I can’t have vaginal sex right now (the hospital should be calling today or tomorrow to check up on me, so I’m gonna make sure to ask about other stimulation, orgasms and that, since orgasming causes a lot of those muscles to flex and move and stuff) and thus can’t review vibratos/dildos, etc D agreed to help me review male masturbators.  I am uber excited about it! 😀 I actually have one that’s never been used and we had originally put it in the “not gonna use” drawer, but last night D admitted to being curious about it, *squeal* so we got it out and gave it a cursory rinse.  So now it’s sitting on the bureau waiting for a full clean before D’s in the mood/ready to try it.  Wonder if he’ll want to be alone, or if he’ll want me there … hhmm… 😉

So last night before bed I was standing next to the bed, only in panties, doing…I dunno.  Turning off the lamp or some such mundane thing, and D grunts and mimics grabbing my boobs and says how difficult he knows this will be for him, and how difficult it already is becoming 😦 Right now he’s not even willing to allow us to touch one another sexually for fear of making me horny and causing my muscles down there to contract and such.  Thus if I don’t hear from the hospital tomorrow when I call in Wednesday for the test results I’m making fucking sure to ask about anal sex, clitoral stimulation, etc.  Basically, “Is it safe for me to orgasm so long as there’s no vaginal penetration.” Dear gods I hope the answer is yes!!

So we’re going to the library shortly.  We’re going to the one closes to the apartment and plan on walking back so we can a – get our daily walk in (seems to becoming a daily routine, and i’m loving it) and also to save bus fare on the way home so we can pay our fucking fines and check more stuff out LOL For whatever reason last week we were unable to make it to the library and we totally spaced renewing our DVD’s…so, yea.  It’s our own fault LOL  I look forward to the walk back.  We’re going to try to make sure to have enough fare for me if I need to hop the bus home.  The walk is right on the bus route, and D said if I needed to it was fine with him if I take the bus and then he’ll walk.  He’s so good to me…

So anyway, D is finishing reading a book so we can return it, and I’m finding some books I’m interested in.  Most of them are at the library we usually go to, the “main” one so I’m just requesting they be put on hold for me.  A couple have been at the one that’s way north so I’m requesting those be delivered to the main one.  We are going to the south “satellite” branch.  It’s a medium sized one, doesn’t have too terribly much of anything LOL but it’s a handy location and we can return our stuff so we don’t get any more late fees on it LOL And yes, I have renewed as much as I can do stop too much more late fees.

Well, D said he’s on the last page, so I think I’ll just publish this little bit of nothing and go get dressed 🙂


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2 responses to “just stuff

  1. redvinylkitty

    March 29, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    Ugh. When I was dealing with kidney stones, I had to avoid sex for a while too. Anal was fine though, and so was clitoral, so I wasn’t totally out of sex stuffs to do, but it’s still hard to obstain from vaginal (my favorite, lol!). I hope that the doc says you can do other stuff, and mostly, I hope this next month goes by super fast for you! :)) *huggles*

    • Jessie Beth

      March 29, 2010 at 2:07 PM

      Well, just got off the phone and for this week is total abstinence. But next week it sounds like so long as there’s no vaginal penetration and I’m up to it, orgasming is okay! WOOT WOOT! 😀 I was hoping I could use some gspot toys, for just a dash of penetration, maybe week 3 or something lol 😉


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