29 Mar

*makes horror music sounds* quick look out!! It's APPLE KITTY!! AAAHHHHH!!! 😉 *giggles*

I’m pretty beat tonight.  I pushed myself too hard today, I know that.  Walked way too much, but I’m not bleeding or anything.  Just wore out and tired.  At least I know I’ll sleep well tonight.  Have taken a pain pill, and probably will take one more when I’m done writing this.  Then, I think I’m gonna see about some massage before bed… 🙂

So I’d mentioned that masturbator D was interested in trying.  Well, the thing to remember is that it’s an uber cheap one.  … *giggles* So, I’d stripped down for a shower and asked D if he was going to join me.  Well, he was naked and motioned down a bit.  He says “I’m not sure, I have a bit of a blood flow problem.” So I looked down and indeed…D had a raging erection.  lol So, I suggested he try the masturbator.  Now, neither of us has used one before.  So he lubed himself up and slid it over his penis.  Now, D is 1 – uncircumcised, so the foreskin adds a little..extra.  2 – his girth is a lovely 6.5″.  So, I was a little afraid that it would be too tight, as the toy is quite small.  Well, it wasn’t, except for D’s shape, this one wasn’t shaped very well.

He slides the toy towards his body then pulls out a bit for the other half of the motion.  The toy proceeds to fly off his penis and lands on the floor.  We both chuckle as he picks it up, cleans it off and puts it back on.  This time on the second half of the motion the toy takes off and lands in the garbage, a good foot and a half in front of him!  By this time (I’m in the shower) I’m holding on to the shower curtain rod laughing while he once again grabs the toy and cleans it off.

D tried a couple more times, but just with the shape, size and material this toy was made out if, it just wasn’t working with his penis.  So he ended up getting into the shower with me.  I offered to jack him off, but his penis really prefers my vagina so we just showered.  I have a feeling he’ll be beating off later tonight lol

On the subject of my penis ….right.  lemme try that again.  On the subject of my vagina, as I am a woman and have a vagina, I’ve stopped bleeding, but am now having discharge.  This is normal, as my body is reacting to the stitches inside of me.  The hospital called this afternoon to check up on me, and said I’m doing good, and that what’s going on (bleeding, constipation [which thankfully is gone], tiredness, discharge, etc) is normal.  So I made sure to ask about other sex acts versus vaginal insertion.  Basically this week it’s 100% abstinence.  Nothing.  But starting next week I can orgasm, so long as there’s no vaginal penetration.  WOOT WOOT!! 😀

Needless to say, we’re incredibly happy about that.  D is basically having to touch me as little as possible as I can tell he’s getting very sexually frustrated.  As for me, only this afternoon have I finally started noticing my sex drive coming back.

So today we walked to the southern library and when we got there we found out that after I checked our fine balance and when we got to the library (about a 1h 10m walk) it had increased quite a bit, and we weren’t able to check stuff out, as it was above the fine threshold.  So yea, we were pretty pissed about that.  I did pay what we were going to, to put it down a bit.  Part of me wishes I hadn’t, ‘cuz we could have used that money for a lot of other things, but at least next Friday when we go to the main library we use it’ll be less that we have to pay to check stuff out.  LOL He’ll be making a decent amount of money doing is (so long as nothing fucks it up) So we’ll be able to do a lot more as well, library fines are pretty low on the list of priorities LOL

D is actually doing this study thing at the end of April, and with the money he makes from that we’re paying totally off all of our library fines, so that’ll be nice.  We’ll be able to get twice as many DVD’s using both our cards.

I’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to try to make my own washable panty liners and possibly menstrual pads as well.  Having those will save us so much money on buying more, and will be better on the environment.  I also eventually want to get a luna/diva cup as well.  “Green living” is important to both me and D, so we’re starting to take small steps around the house as we can (eg – afford to make the changes, etc) to live more environmentally friendly.  I already feel awesome about reducing our carbon footprint by not having a car.

We have figured out how we can recycle, regarding taking the stuff to a recycling “center.”  Our apartment complex does not offer recycling, but the closest grocery store does.  So we’re going to re-use shopping bags and stuff inside of rubbermaid tubs and then we can take them to the recycling center on my dolly.  It turns into a 4-wheel truck 😀 so it’s uber easy to push.  Woot! I’m really happy about that.

Eventually I want to have all of our cleaners biodegradable/organic as well.  We’d love to use some sort of organic cat litter, but we just haven’t found any that’s even remotely possible right now.  But, so long as we’re doing what we can, I feel okay about it.

So tonight I spent about an hour and a half making a wish list at Eden Fantasys. Here’s the link click me click me!! so if you ever feel like buying me something 😉 there it is!! 😀

Anyway, I think I’m gonna brush my teeth and see about getting a massage now… toodles!!

PS – oh yes, I changed the look of my blog 🙂 I really prefer this one, it’s more… I dunno.  adult, professional.  I’m actually thinking of getting  a domain too.  D supports it, so hopefully I can do it in a couple weeks.  WOOT! 😀


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2 responses to “*yawns*

  1. redvinylkitty

    March 30, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    Oh man, that story about the masturbator flying off a couple times just made me laugh so hard. Poor D, but that’s still funny as hell. 🙂

    Let me know how your cloth pantyliners/pads come out. 🙂 I probably would have hand made mine, but at the time, there were no fabric stores around me at ALL, and we had no car. lame.

    Glad things are getting better, and I’m also glad that you’re going to be able to do some play in a week. 🙂 Woot! 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      March 30, 2010 at 9:21 PM

      Gods I’m happy too, it’s so hard not being able to touch sexually, intimately…

      And yea, the whole masturbator flying off was incredibly funny! At least D was able to chuckle at it too…

      Yea, I’ll make sure to take pics of the pads and stuff 🙂


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