nothing exciting today

31 Mar

So, this is the view in our fridge anymore lol If you look, you'll see something that doesn't usually belong... 😉 We have started keeping our Climax Bursts Cooling lube in there. It just...well, it's a llooott cooler! LOL (Psst - It's to the left of the big tub of garlic)

Evening everybody! J I don’t really have all that much to say today, so no 8 page letters 😛 (actually, yesterdays was about 2 ½ on Word LOL)  Really, I think the only exciting thing going on is..well, there’s 3 things.

  1. We took apart the vacuum tonight to clean it LOL yup.  LOL I sort of..aquired it when I moved into the house I lived in a few months ago; it was left by the previous tenant.  And they didn’t clean it out, ever.  And they used carpet powder every time, just letting the clogs re-clog and re-clog and over clog.  So, we’re taking it apart, all pieces, and cleaning it good.  … you could have seen the cloud of carpet powder around me when I cleaned it out first…*eye roll*
  2. Our landlords are looking for someone to clean around the building, wash windows, vacuuming, etc for “rent credit” so D has expressed his interest in that!  Hopefully he’ll get it, that’ll help SO MUCH!!!
  3. Tonight is the night to pick the winners of my contest!!  I’m going to have to end it a little early, so I can draw but that’s okay 🙂 It’s my contest right?? LOL

Other than that, that’s about it.  Recovery wise I’m alright, still tiring easily, less bleeding/discharge, so yay!! I actually ended up just putting a fucking washcloth in my panties today, with a  ton of baby powder.  That helped a lot so my rash is almost all the way better.  I look forward to making my cloth pads this weekend, and fi they turn out well may actually offer some for sale 🙂

So anyway, I’m going to go do my contest now 🙂 I’m excited to see who’s gonna win!! 😀

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