evenin’ all!

01 Apr

A little easter plant they had a drawing for at work. My mom won it, and naturally gave it to me. Anything she doesn't want she just passes on to me. And that's my Popple from a hundred years ago 🙂 We just washed him, so he's way clean LOL

So once again, nothing too terribly exciting.  Here on my blog I made a Toybox page 🙂

I came home early from work 😦 I so couldn’t afford to, but I had the worse migraine evar!!  I felt like fucking shit.  So I put my name on the list and got to come home after only working an hour.  *sighs* I feel bad for doing so, but with how bad my migraine got I couldn’t open my eyes or move my head.  It’s only finally dissipating now. But, D works tomorrow, so that’ll make up some of my missed time.

I’m thinking of ideas for the HNT, and am thinking we’re going to be leaning towards BDSM this time 😉 It’s not D’s forte, he’s not really into it all that much, but I like it a bit 😉 teehee

Tomorrow’s payday, thank god.  We are SO out of food… we did make a couple trips this last weekend, but it was for just a couple things at a time, since I couldn’t really help carry anything.  We had popcorn for supper.  yea.  Seriously.

I really enjoyed doing my toy contest this month.  So I’m thinking I’ll do another one in a couple 🙂

I honestly don’t have much more to say, so I think I’ll just go start collecting everything for tonight’s HNT 🙂

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