04 Apr

Here is my new shirt 🙂 There are sleeves, and where it ties is actually incredibly long and wide, so it can be used in a lot of different ways. I am SO GLAD D insisted that I buy it. I think we'll be using it for HNT 🙂

Evening all 🙂 We had a pretty relaxing day today.  We went for a walk earlier, did a few chores around the house and watched some tv.  We watched the Simpsons, and some Star Trek Enterprise.

Yesterday D got a very good email.  Well, I have restrained hopes from it.  It was from one of the “higher ups” from D’s job.  Turns out that all of a sudden, his old direct boss is no longer with the company… teehee.  Throughout the past several weeks more and more we realized that she had no idea what she was doing.  She was disregarding communications sent to her, not honoring availability and things of that nature.  She was over scheduling some while not scheduling others, including D.

This manager that emailed D actually had to request everybody’s availability!!  So obviously the old one wasn’t doing her job.  So D emailed his availability, and also reiterated that he had several times requested a certain location due to transportation issues, that was not honored.  This new lady actually replied back right away confirming that she got the information and thanking him for it.  So like I said.  I am cautiously hopeful about this.

So, me and D have decided that we’re going to slowly start re-building up my sex toy selling business.  I am registered with a home party company, so I can sell toys from them, make my own coupons, “kits” things of that nature.  Since we both want to own our own business(es) some day, we figured that we could start that up, get a tax id number, and all that.  I am actually considering going “incorporated” some day, but right now it’s way too soon, and considering where I live and the nature of the business, very unlikely to happen.  That’s at the bottom of the list right now.  *laughs* if any of you live near me, we’ll do a party for you! 🙂

We are both getting very sexually frustrated.  D is really chomping at the bit, so-to-speak wanting sex, but he’s being respectful about it, being honest while not blaming.  I’d let him enter me, gently, but he’s not willing to risk it.  He’s so good to me 🙂  I feel really bad as well… when it comes to sex…D’s body is actually very difficult.  He basically can only cum with actual sex.  Oral doesn’t do it, nor does hand jobs.  He sometimes can’t even cum with masturbation.  So offering a blow job or hand job doesn’t really matter, and would in fact probably make it worse.

So far he’s not willing to move up our day of sex, lol, but I’m going to still continue trying to move it up.  Originally, the papers I received with my “home care” instructions said 2 weeks of no intercourse, instead of 4.  But they scratched it out and wrote 4.  😦 Pooey!!  D thinks it’s ‘cuz they had to take such a large chunk of my cervix.  I have used tampons the past couple days, for short periods of time, and there’s been no pain or anything, though they certainly don’t bump my cervix like a penis would LOL

I have some lube I am in the process of reviewing.  Last night we used it anally and clitorally, and it worked very well! Tomorrow night I may use it vaginally, with my fingers and see how it works, so I can get the review done.  My fingers certainly hit my cervix or anything.  I may ask D to use his, but I know that’ll make him want me that much more.

It’s weird…’cuz I’ve never felt so wanted before.  Last night he actually told me that me walking around naked actually made it difficult for him.  That was very flattering… yesterday I bought these cute, really short shorts from the store I got the shirt from as well.  *points up* D actually picked them out as well lol They’re the kind that show of just the very bottom of my ass cheeks.  Tonight D was telling me how sexy they were when the rode, just a bit, up my ass lol So, I am making sure not to pull them down at all lol

I am not used to being desired, so… genuinely, purely.  It felt good, it feels good, and it’s making me feel very good about  myself.


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5 responses to “4-4-2010

  1. lostmaverick

    April 5, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Awww, I love hearing about couples in love like you two are. Gives me hope 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      April 5, 2010 at 10:00 PM

      mew mew =^^=

  2. Redvinylkitty

    April 5, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    I had a guy once who could only cum from oral sex. Omg, frustrating, so I know what that’s like. Ick. On the plus side, you look hot as hell in that shirt. 😀

    • Jessie Beth

      April 5, 2010 at 9:59 PM

      Wonder if he could, or if it was an excuse LOL D wants to, he tries but his body just won’t cooperate. Thankfully, he still does enjoy it, so he doesn’t argue when I want to go down and suck on him, ‘cuz I love it! Plus, the head of his penis is so very sensitive due to the foreskin and so the head doesn’t get very much stimulation….so I like playing there, gently of course, to watch him squirm and shiver teehee 😉

      And thanks, about the shirt. I think it’ll be making an appearance in this week’s HNT 😀

      • redvinylkitty

        April 8, 2010 at 10:40 AM

        Hmm, not sure how I missed that comment, but yeah.. lol. 🙂

        I totally agree with you, I love sucking cock too.. But now and then I won’t lie, I like some variety. :)) Mew!


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