Liquid Silk

06 Apr

So last week, Babeland gave me the chance to review Liquid Silk. A water based, glycerin free sexual lubricant. As it’s glycerin free, it won’t get as sticky as many lubes can.  And since it’s water based, that makes it perfectly safe for use with silicone based condoms and sex toys.

Liquid Silk really is just that, silky.  However, we found that you need to use a bit more of it, than we have to use of our favorite lube, Gun Oil.  The Liquid Silk is white, with only a mild “lube-ish” scent.  It’s not viable for oral sex, as it has a bitter taste, however it’s very good for toy use, vaginal and anal.

The thing I really like about it though, is that so far of all the lubes I’ve tried, it’s the most similar to my own personal lubricant.  It has a sort of sticky-ness to it, without being sticky.  If it’s on your fingers and you press them together and take them apart, you see little “strings” as it sticks together, but for only a little bit. So it stays quite nicely, it doesn’t dry out.

My biggest complaint though, is that the bottle we got (50 ml size) is incredibly, incredibly hard to squeeze.  It actually took us considerable time to get some lube out, without having to upend it and shake it.  That really detracts form intimate time, having to use both hands to get the lube out.  When D was trying to get it out I could actually see his hand shake with effort.

All in all, performance of the lube?  4 out of 5!  Packaging?  Takes it down to a 3 out of 5. Thanks Babeland !!!


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