goin’ to California part 2…

10 Apr

So we spent pretty much the whole day talking about moving, making decisions, and beginning our cleaning out process.  We need to do this as cheaply as we can, and as smartly as we can so, especially since it’s a new beginning for both of us we’re getting rid of a lot more stuff.  We sold off dvd’s today and we’re selling off books next weekend.  We went through them today and D right now is actually packing them in a tote (that I think is over flowing LOL) so we can take them to a used book store that just opened.  (Yep, he had to add a cardboard box and a huge rolling backpack)  We’re also getting rid of some furniture as previously mentioned.  I’m really excited and happy about this.  (I’m so glad my dolly transforms into a 4-wheeled push cart…)

This afternoon/evening D has started taking care of some loose ends that he needs to tie up.  I’m glad for him for that.  He’s had such a rough time of it these last couple years, as I have had. He did put one thing off, and I don’t blame him.  Hopefully that’ll get taken care of within a day or two.  Well, the initial contact… he’s having to contemplate suing a cousin of his (when he moved into the apartment we’re in it was with a cousin right.  Well, a week after he moved in she just up and bailed, didn’t pay a lick of rent.  So, that fucked him over after he’d already been fucked over by his soon to be ex wife.  She is still on the lease and all, so he’s going to see what he can do to get some back rent out of her.)  He doesn’t think he’ll get anything out of her but he’s going to try.  He also sent a last communication email to his father.  It was a sort of “I’m leaving, I won’t be back for a long time” almost a good bye type email.  I had to send my father a letter like that a few years ago.  I feel bad for him, but understand the necessity sometimes.

As horrible as it may sound, sometimes you just need to cut ties.  Sometimes there are just people that you are better off without.  For both of us, our fathers are just such people.

I’m nervous and scared to leave what amounts to my home though.  I was born and bred here, lived only here.  I know that my mother is gonna blow a gasket when I tell her.  So, I’m gonna do the fradie cat thing and wait.    I’ve talked and talked about moving out of her for a long time now, so it’s sort of the old song and dance, ya know?  I really haven’t told any “real world” friends or anything yet, ‘cuz it’s not like we have jobs or anything lined up.  I just don’t have the energy to deal with all the “you don’t have any ties down there” etc etc stuff.

We’re working out more ways to cut corners, so that also means we’re not getting different internet.  *pouts* But that’s alright, we just can’t afford it and for a few more months with this, it’s fine.  It means it’s just that much easier for moving, which is fine with us.  We’ll probably just hit the mall in the evenings now and then to get a more stable connection for  job search sites, apartment sites and such.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got the ambition to say tonight lol night all!


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3 responses to “goin’ to California part 2…

  1. Kitten

    April 11, 2010 at 5:57 AM

    Good luck!!!!!

    • Jessie Beth

      April 11, 2010 at 9:09 AM


  2. redvinylkitty

    April 11, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    Totally agree with you about just needing to cut ties sometimes. I think sometimes, that I tend to do that too easily. Hmm.

    You know, I don’t think it’s a “fraidy cat” thing to wait. I didn’t tell my parents that we were moving to Colorado until I was 90% certain Master was getting the job offer. I figured, there was no reason to get her all worried and anxious until we knew for certain that we had everything set up to move there, apartment, job, etc. I dunno. It’s going to be hard when you finally tell her, but you can do it. *hug*


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