It's pretty and powerful!

12 Apr

An attempt to show the detailing...

From Big Teaze Toys, the Onye B3 Fleur is beautiful, powerful and feels nice.  What more does a girl want???  Perhaps a toy that’s a tad bit quieter. This clitoral vibrator is about 4 1/2″ long with a nice girth of about 1 1/2″. It’s made out of virgin ABS plastic and has a wonderful feeling almost matte finish on it that makes it easy to grip.  Mine is a beautiful pink color, with a darker pink power button on the end (when will they find a new place to put that??) and a beautiful design about 1 1/2″ down from the power button with a flower printed on it.  Below that is the Big Teaze Toys logo.

It’s surprisingly heavy, which makes sense given it’s incredible power.  It has a power button at the end of it with 3 settings, and this is about how I’d classify them.  1 – get you started up; a speed you can continue on for several minutes.  2 – revving up, let’s get going!  3 – blastoff let’s orbit Jupiter!! It’s on setting 3 that it really gets loud as well, so if sound is an issue, keep the Fleur at a medium 1 or 2 setting.

This little toy takes 3 triple A batteries and here comes my second of 2 complaints, 1 being the volume.  You need to tighten the cap like, vice grip style.  D actually had to brace himself against the counter and strain to tighten the toy enough for it to work.  Here’s the key: if you have the right sized batteries that are not dead placed inside the cap in the right manner (it is nicely and clearly marked) then the cap is not tight enough.  However, that tightness and the really nice and decent sized o-ring in the battery compartment does make this sex toy waterproof!  Hallelujah for masturbation in the shower!! 😀

While this toy is mainly a clit toy (it’s just too small for insertion, and it’s not hooked or anything to catch your g-spot) it is very nice for a tad bit of anal play.  D really enjoyed turning it on blastoff! (power setting 3) and seeing me squirm as he circled it around my anus.  The powerful vibrations really shoot up your bum and it feels awesome!  (as there is no retrieval string please: *no* anal insertion!!)

As for packaging, she comes in a clear plastic box, with a beautiful flower design on the back.  There is an instruction booklet with it, showing you how to insert the batteries.  That’s about it, nothing too terribly special, it’s disposable.  No pouches or anything.

All in all, gods bless the Onye B3 Fleur and by golly gods bless Better Sex for letting me review her!!! My clit thanks you!! 4.5 out of 5!!


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