Vibrating Ice Into Summer!!

15 Apr

The vibe with ice frozen on/in it.

D and I had seen this around a few weeks ago and immediately wanted it. So when Good Vibrations gave me the chance to review it I pounced on it. The ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube comes in a nice white box, with instructions clearly printed on it.

It comes with 4 pieces, the bullet vibe (good quality, and very powerful), the silver piece you see in the picture to the left, a white silicone base for the water, and a blue cap.

So, what you do is fill the white base with water up until the crease.  You then put the silver piece in (it just sits right on top of it) “button” side down, vibrator OUT, and then put it in the freezer.  In about 4 hours it freezes and you can just pop it out of the white base and it looks like that! *points tot he left*

You can use it a few different ways.  With vibrator in or out, and with the blue

The white base. If you look carefully you can see the "crease" that you fill it to with water.

cap on or off.  (Mine is blue, I’m not sure if the caps come in different colors.) I like it cap on, vibrator in and on.  Cap off, of course you have the ice directly touching your skin.  The blue cap is very nice because it creates a barrier, so the sensation is still cool/cold just not painfully intense.

Of course the ice does melt, so you’ll want a towel or something, or you’ll have water spots on the bed LOL … or wherever you’re playing with it 😉

The bullet vibrator is your typical bullet vibrator, it uses watch batteries that it does come with.  I slides into the hole in the end of the silver piece.  It holds it pretty firmly, so it can be a tad difficult to remove.  This is the one, and only complaint I have about this toy.  To remove the vibe you push on the “button” while pulling the vibe out.  The best way I can describe to do it is have the button on your thumb, with the silver piece between your forefinger and middle finger.  Push with your thumb, pull down with your fingers and use your other hand to pull the vibe out.  It takes a couple tries, but you’ll get it.

You can see the "button" on the end of the silver piece. The bullet goes in directly above it.

So on the last picture you can see the “button.” That’s what you push up on to remove the bullet.  That’s also the side that you set *down* in the white cup for the ice to freeze over/around.  So you need to melt the ice to make it easy to get the vibe out.  Of course D has it down to a science and can get the vibe out with the ice frozen.  I can’t at all LOL

I  LOVE this toy!  I am so excited for it to get hot out so we can use it outside 😉  This vibrator is very versitile, with little insertion use.  It can be used all over the body, on the nipples, clitorally, over your vaginal entrance and your anus.  It can also be used on men over their whole bodies, nipples and over their penis and testicles (although sometimes that can cause shrinkage, so depending what you’re going for with that use… lol)

Thank you, oh thank you Good Vibrations for the ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube !!! 5 out of 5!


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14 responses to “Vibrating Ice Into Summer!!

  1. Missy

    April 21, 2010 at 1:25 AM

    I was tempted to get this one too , maybe I will go for it when it gets warmer 🙂 Thanks for the review !

    • Jessie Beth

      April 21, 2010 at 8:48 AM

      You’re welcome! And yea. I am so jonesing for when it gets “hot” to use it outside! 😉

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