22 Apr

*sighs* I’m getting out of the habit of making an actual blog post 😦 Think it’s cuz things have been so up in the air, busy and what not.  D is going to be gone this next weekend, and the weekend after ( BOO!!) so a lot of things we’d do over the weekend we’re having to take care of during the week.  I’ve gotten acclimated to the crazy feeling my brain gets when I don’t blog enough.  Need to get out of the bad habit of not blogging!!

So D applied to work at my job with me.  Gods I hope he gets it!! That would help out so fucking much…and it would be cool to walk to and from work together every day ^^

Do you know what pisses me off?  People who try to “friend” you on Facebook, only to increase their friend numbers.  Not because you share interests, know each other, or anything like that.  *sighs* Honestly, I couldn’t care less how many friends I have on facebook.  My jessie beth account does have several, but that’s due to networking, similar interests and business with companies.  My personal account?  The fewer friends the better!

*yawns* Anyway, I’ve got about 8 new sex toys on the way! score! 2 porn, massage oil, lube, a hello kitty vibrator, lingerie and finally my first sex toy storage! woot to the fucking woot!

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