an updatey!!!

27 Apr
an updatey!!!

My first sex toy storage case! I am so excited, I love this! Now I can't wait to travel somewhere so I can put it to "real" use!!

Hey everybody!  Yea.  I so haven’t been very good about blogging.  *pout* Honestly, with all the stress going on and shit, I haven’t had the mental capacity to form words once I get home.  I just wanna chill.  So, I have been.

D ended up getting disqualified for what he was supposed to be doing last weekend.  He was disqualified right away, and they totally dropped the ball by not letting us know.  *sighs* But, since they didn’t let us know, they did give him a partial payment.  Way less, but it’s something.

We actually had sex! LOL It wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was his cock in my box.  Sometimes that’s all you can ask for.  Since it’s wayy to fucking soon, we have to take it uber easy, and now after that first time we have to take it too easy.  Neither of us can get off LOL  I have noticed though, that my box is way different.  Since I barley have any cervix left…I’m kinda afraid I won’t get any big O’s during intercourse now.  We’ll have to see once I’m healed enough he can penetrate me that deep again..but still.  *sighs*

Just another set of stuff's in my new case! *giggles*

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve YET AGAIN a new theme.  some day, I will get one that I just love. Until then…they will periodically be changing LOL One thing I really like about this one, is that on the way bottom I can putt stuff, instead of having to smoosh everything on one of the sides.  So, that’s cool! 🙂

I can’t think of much of anything going on right now.  D is still struggling to find a job, though every couple of weeks he manages to bring a least a little money into the house one way or another.  I’m still a sex toy whore! (quite obviously but the abundance of reviews lately..LOL) I love D more than ever, possibly having had the beginnings of the “falling in love” process start the other night.

We did have a decent “beef” the other day, lasted a few hours but we got through it.  We talked, we both stated how we felt, we did not yell, or throw things, or anything like that.  I didn’t feel fear, which is a first for me.  Ever.

We sold the last piece of furniture the other day, for a lot less than we were asking, but the guy found a flaw we didn’t know was there, so we were okay with it.  The last thing is my whole set of a fucking christmas village based on that rudolph claymation movie.  Anybody looking for one??? LOL  I have no use for something like that….

Anyway, that’s about it for now 🙂 I have fallen way behind on my internet “work” so gotta hop to…

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